Marysol Patton split from husband Philippe Pautesta-Herda; Mama Elsa rubs salt in the wound

Real Housewives of Miami star Marysol Patton married Philippe Pautesta-Herda March 2011, but by the time she started filming for the second season of the Bravo show, they had split up.

On the season premiere Marysol talks to Mama Elsa about how her husband was moving out after being split-up for a few weeks, and Mama Elsa doesn’t care because she doesn’t like him.

“I think if you are not getting along, you must be relieved of the situation.”

Marysol starts crying, but Mama Elsa goes on, “I know this is not the Romeo of your life.”

In voiceover, Marysol explains her annoyance with her mom’s strong opinions about the men in her life. “My mother doesn’t like anybody, she wants me to have the complete opposite. It gets under my skin, because it’s like, my life. I had to walk away.”

She walked out, telling Mama E it wasn’t funny, but Mama replied “At my age, I can say whatever I want.”

After Marysol walked out, Mama Elsa got upset and was consoled by her maid, who sang to her to relieve her anxieties (earlier Mama had been worked up because she thought her dog Napoleon was missing, but he was just in the closet.)

In order to work up the energy to apologize to her daughter, Mama Elsa rubbed her hands in a fancy sandbox, and they made up.

This all really happened, but it sounds like some sort of parable.