‘Real Housewives’ Miami franchise to feature drag queen Elaine Lancaster

RHOM Elaine Lancaster James Davis

What has always seemed like an inevitable match made in reality TV heaven is coming to fruition as Bravo’s wildly successful Real Housewives franchise will be setting up shop in Miami!  The show will be a quasi-continuation of the already existing show Miami Social according to Popeater.

One of the more surprising parts of this announcement is that one of the cast members will be drag queen extraordinaire Elaine Lancaster, male name James Davis.  Although the franchise has featured numerous peripheral gay characters (and possibly husbands) this will be the first time a gay man will be one of the main stars. (I’m sure Andy Cohen is giggling like a schoolgirl!)

(***It should be noted that The Real Housewives of Orange County has added Fernanda Rocha to their cast for season 6 and Fernanda is openly bisexual.)

First up, here’s a photo of James Davis before his drag queen transformation from the official MySpace page for Elaine.  James is the man on the far left:

with Domenico Dolce   CHYNA Girl

And here is a brief bio for Elaine Lancaster from her official website:

As if she stepped right out of the pages of a Jackie Collins novel, Elaine Lancaster is as glamorous and beautiful as any of the characters from Collins’ “Hollywood Wives”. In fact, Elaine took her name from Elaine Conti and Karen Lancaster, two fictional divas in that very book. As befitting a Collins’ novel, Elaine’s life has been filled with glamour, travel, celebrities, and a few twisted scenarios. One being the fact that the gorgeous Elaine Lancaster is a man when not performing.

The actor (James Davis) behind Elaine was born in Alabama and raised in Georgia, while Elaine was born in the lap of luxury, pampered by all, and spoiled rotten. Like the true diva she became, she managed to spend every dime thrown her way and yet she still yearns for more. Not just more jewels and designer fashions, but more of everything the world has to offer. Driven by the need to be in the spotlight, fame had to be hers, and the world became her stage.

Absolutely fabulous!  Well Mr. James Davis here’s to you and your beautiful creation.  In an interview with South Beach Magazine Davis said of his alter-ego Elaine that:

“Elaine Lancaster is the illegitimate daughter of Burt Lancaster and Lana Turner.  The strength and social awareness of Burt Lancaster and the social graces, elegance and beauty of Lana Turner.  Elaine is a very elegant, very beautiful, very witty woman.  But at the same time, she can swig back beers with the best of them and get down on any level.”

Davis’ creation is a very popular entity down on South Beach and is a star in her own right that is rightfully deserving of the Real Housewives casting call.


There were plenty of videos for Miami’s queen of drag so I picked out a couple of the best to show.  First up is Elaine doing a little Perez Hilton bashing as she took offense to some comments the noted blogger made about a beauty pageant:

And here’s Elaine in action at night spot Click performing for her adoring public.  It’s kind of like Kim Zolciak but with better wigs and music.  Zing!

Now to the important part, here is a photo gallery of wonderful Elaine loveliness including a pic with Anne Hathaway!  Please feel free to click on any of the images to see Miss Lancaster in all her big blond glory:

All Photos: WENN.com except where noted