Jim Bob Duggar’s official statement on Jill Dillard’s scathing memoir

Jill Dillard released a tell all memoir that speaks out against her parents child raising style and her father Jim Bob Duggar released an official statement in response.

Read more to see the 19 Kids and Counting star’s reaction to his liberal daughters shady book Counting the Cost

Counting the Cost

Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick penned a book sharing the 19 Kids and Counting star’s life growing up in the supersized fundamental Christian family.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are part of the Institute in Basic Life Principles and homeschool their kids based on the teachings of the Advanced Training Institute. To many in and out of the organization, these groups are a “cult.”

Jinger Duggar Vuolo was the first to speak out in the form of a memoir, releasing Becoming Free Indeed in January 2023. In September of that same year, Dillard released a book of her own.

Counting the Cost is described by the publishers here:

For the first time, discover the unedited truth about the Duggars, the traditional Christian family that captivated the nation on TLC’s hit show 19 Kids and Counting. Jill Duggar and her husband Derick are finally ready to share their story, revealing the secrets, manipulation, and intimidation behind the show that remained hidden from their fans.

The memoir is juicy enough to have peaked everyone’s interest: Counting the Cost made it to the number 2 spot on the New York Times best sellers list upon its release.

Jim Bob Duggar releases official statement

In response to the scathing tell all memoir penned by Dillard and her husband, Jim Bob Duggar gave a statement to People Magazine.

The patriarch kept his cool while low key shading the author of Counting the Cost:

We love all of our children very much. As with any family, few things are more painful than conflicts or problems among those you love. … We do not believe the best way to resolve conflicts, facilitate forgiveness and reconciliation, or to communicate through difficulties is through the media or in a public forum so we will not comment.

It is uncertain whether or not the Duggar’s have read their daughters book or not as it is not directly clear from his reaction.

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