Gary Busey before and after dental veneers photos

One of the break-out stars of Celebrity Apprentice this season is Gary Busey. The actor, reality show personality, and former cocaine addict and two-decade survivor of a horrific motorcycle accident has a new lease on life, a new fiancee (actress Steffani Sampson) and one-year-old son (Luke) and a penchant for making backwards acronyms (LUCKY= Living Under Correct Knowledge Yearly.)

He’s also seems to have found a fan in Donald Trump, who’s found an enduring affection for Gary’s brand of “genius.”

Gary’s got a stable of personality quirks, but his appearance ups the ante on the eccentricity factor. The star of his face is his oversized dental veneers that he may have gotten to cover up problems from his December 4, 1988 motorcycle crash. The actor (who made his name in Hollywood by playing Buddy Holly, a surfing hero, a clown, and a slew of off-beat characters,) wasn’t wearing a helmet when he crashed his bike, and ended up surviving with a cracked skull, brain damage, and needed some reconstruction surgery.

Part of Gary’s problem with his over-sized, boxy looking possible veneers, is that his teeth were already large so putting a porcelain casing on top of that could make them look too big. It’s definitely not a look that works for most people, but it’s become Gary’s signature, and is part of the oddball pop icon status he’s achieved.

Gary’s certainly not complaining, he recently told Star Magazine that he’s happier than ever

“I can say right now, unequivocally, I am happier than I have ever been. My imagination is living a full and wonderful life with rainbows and colors and a freedom which I had not known.”

In that same interview Gary (who has been off cocaine for over a decade and appeared on Season 2 of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew) also had an apt acronym for the word SOBER: Son Of a Bitch Everything’s Real.



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