THE DUGGARS Do Joy-Anna Forsyth’s kids go to traditional school?

19 Kids and Counting star Joy-Anna Forsyth has posted a new YouTube video updating fans on whether or not her kids are attending traditional school.

She also addresses Gideon’s learning setbacks and how she is taking care of them.

Joy-Anna Forsyth

Joy-Anna Forsyth is the 9th in line in the Duggar family. She was on sister Jill’s “buddy team” until taking it over herself after Jill married Derick Dillard in 2014.

Joy-Anna married her long time love Austin Forsyth in 2017, and has since had 3 children: Gideon, Evelyn and new baby Gunner.

While many like to speculate on the Forsyth marriage, it seems to be going strong 6 years later.

Do the Forsyth’s homeschool?

It is typical for the Duggar family to homeschool their children. The kids of Jim Bob and Michelle were all part of ATI, the Advanced Training Institute, which is a faction of the Institute in Basic Life Principles – a controversial conservative teaching made public by the recent docu-series Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets.

Forsyth recently posted a YouTube video which some fans saw as click-bait, as it insinuated that Joy-Anna was sending her kids to regular school.

Gideon Forsyth dyslexia

As it turns out, the Forsyth family is choosing to homeschool their children – but fans will be happy to know that Joy-Anna seems on top of her kids education, as son Gideon needs extra help due to a diagnosis of dyslexia.

While they aren’t sending their kids out of the home for school, Joy-Anna has enlisted several tutors that the family refers to as “teachers” to help make sure that Gideon keeps up with the milestones he should be hitting.

He got another evaluation, like, I guess it would have been almost two years ago he had his first evaluation just to see if he was falling a little bit behind in comprehension and stuff. We’ve done the exercises but I noticed that he was still struggling with the order of the letters and counting to 20.

While we do hope more Duggars get to experience traditional school, we are glad to know that Joy-Anna is taking her kids education seriously enough to get them the addition help required.

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