BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Did Cleo make it to Minnesota with Christian?

Now that the Before the 90 Days tell all has aired the 90 Day Fiancé couples are allowed to give updates on their relationships. Cleo and Christian Allgood included.

See their relationship status here…

Before the 90 Days

Before the 90 Days is an installment of 90 Day Fiancé that follows international couples typically before they have met in person. Many of the pairs on the series have only communicated over the phone/internet.

On season 6 of Before the 90 Days we are introduced to Jasmine and Gino, Amanda and Razvan, Violet and Riley, Sheila and David, Meisha and Nicola, Statler and Dempsey, Tyray & Carmella (well, sort of…) and Cleo and Christian.

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Cleo and Christian

Cleo and Christian were featured on the latest installment of Before the 90 Days. Stars of season 6, Christian Allgood and Cleo were the first couple featured on the series to feature 1 transgender and 1 cisgender partner.

Cleo resides in London currently, the location Christian travelled to to visit his girlfriend for the first time. Allgood is from the gorgeous Midwestern city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

During his trip to London, he and Cleo experience many challenges due to her sexuality and Autism diagnosis. The two have many arguments when it appears that Allgood is an insensitive partner.

For example, he invited a stranger to their Thanksgiving dinner plans.

Did Cleo come to Minnesota?

Now that the tell all for Before the 90 Days season 6 has begun airing, the cast is able to update fans on the status of their relationships. We can finally know the fate of Christian and Cleo!

Did Cleo make it to Minnesota to be with her man or did the pair split up due to Christian’s attitude?

According to Instagram, she’s landed in the states! Christian posted a photo of Cleo in Minnesota with a caption “cats out of the bag!” Possibly a reference to Cleo’s love of cats (btw Christian is a dog person…)

The twosome got drinks and Christian debuted his polarizing new facial hair.

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