JERSEY SHORE Ronnie Magro apologizes, Jen Harley posts first photo of daughter Ariana Sky

Ronnie Magro Jen Harley daughter Ariana Sky

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is apologizing to the mother of his month-old daughter after going on an Instagram tirade in which he called her a “natural born hoe” that he found “in the gutter” and alleging that she still had “sex videos” of her ex.

“I want to apologize for earlier to my fans, and especially @tater_tot_kitty,” Ronnie begins. (@tater_tot_kitty is Jen’s Instagram handle.) “I acted on my gut and not rationally. I should’ve never acted in such a manor [sic]. My deepest apologies.”

In the midst of Ronnie’s tirade, Jen clapped back by calling him a “coke head” who could never be a father. She has yet to apologize for those remarks. She did joke about Ronnie’s outburst, however, as she posted a text graphic that read: “When your man goes all Rob Kardashian on you ?”

Jen also shared a comment left by one of her Instagram followers and captioned it “Couldn’t have said it better”:

Jen Harley Ronnie Ortiz feud Instagram comment

The comment does seem prophetic in at least one regard: “At the end of the day he’ll be crying again wanting to say he’s sorry.”

Meanwhile, right in the middle of her epic falling out with Ronnie, Jen posted the first photo of their newborn daughter Ariana Sky! Although the photo was taken with a cute animal filter, we still get a pretty great gander at all the adorbs:

Jersey Shore Ronnie Magro's daughter Ariana Sky first photo

Interestingly, Jen had teased that the first photos of Ariana would be released this week, and it was assumed that she and Ronnie had sold the rights to a tabloid. But any sale remains unconfirmed, and it’s also unclear if Jen and Ronnie’s fight put the kibosh on a deal. The delay could have simply been because the parents wanted to wait to have professional photos done; if that were the case, though, it seems odd that Jen would post a filtered photo now after waiting for four weeks.

Annnnywaayyyssss…it’s GREAT to finally get to meet Ariana! And it’s GREAT that Ronnie realized how immature his outburst was, and how his rage now impacts the life of a child and not just his and Jen’s. (I’m going to guess that it will later be revealed that he was given a bit of maturity coaching from co-stars and fellow parents Snooki and JWoww.)

UPDATE – It seems Ronnie’s apology didn’t hold up as he and Jen got into a physical altercation during an Instagram Live stream.

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