Pregnant JWoww shares baby bump photo at 5 months, Snooki talks vagina clump and mucus plug

JWoww baby bump photo at five months pregnant

Snooki & JWoww star Jenni “JWoww” Farley announced on Christmas that she and fiancé Roger Mathews were expecting their first child, and earlier today JMomm shared her first baby bump photo!

JWoww is one week shy of five months along in the picture, but you sure wouldn’t know it. “Where the hell is she?” JWoww asked in her blog entry, before adding, “Seriously tho, I’m not complaining lol!”

We ran the photo through our patented Womb Zoom app for a closer look:

Pregnant Jenni Farley JWoww baby bump photo at five months with WOMB ZOOM

Still nothing. 😉

The lack of JTott bump could be due in part to JWoww’s emphasis on the “G” in GTL. “She’s definitely freaking out, she doesn’t want to get fat,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi told E! News at a pre-Super Bowl Party hosted by ESPN over the weekend. “She’s working out twice a day – she’s insane. But I gave her a copy of my book, so my book’s helping her. And any questions she has she knows she can come to me. I’m always here for her.”

JWoww backed up Snooki’s claims that she is a bit workout obsessed, and explained in her baby bump blog entry that she will soon be telling fans more. “I just wanted to tease you guys with this pic,” JWoww wrote, “because on Thursday I will do a huge blog on the workouts I’ve been doing during my pregnancy, the foods I love and hate to eat and how I’ve been feeling these past couple of months!!!” She then added, “I’m so excited to share more of my journey with you guys! Stay tuned, XOXO!”

JWoww actually shared a little bit about her baby bump trimming workout regimen yesterday with this Kettle Bell Ab-Blaster video featuring her trainer, Brian Blue:

And since no JWoww post is complete without at least a little dash o’ Snooki, here are the two BFFs in a video clip in which Snooki explains what it’s like going into labor in her usual no-holds-barred manner:

SNOOKI: When your water breaks — and I was thinking, you know, like movies where the water breaks and it goes ‘whisssshhhh,’ like this huge waterfall, and you’re freaking out and everyone is running in different directions. You’re going to the car, you’re speeding to the hospital… It wasn’t like that at all.

It was four o’clock in the morning and I got up to got to the bathroom, because you got to the bathroom like every five minutes when you’re at that stage, and I felt like I was peeing myself on the way to the bathroom. You know like a period when you’re not wearing tampons?

JWOWW: Oh that’s the worst!

SNOOKI: When it comes out and it’s really weird. Only girls will get it.

JWOWW: Boys, just cover your ears.

SNOOKI: Yeah, I’m sorry. Don’t watch this. But ummm, yeah I went to the bathroom and I felt, like, this big clump come out of my vagina and I’m like, “Is that my baby?!? My baby’s coming out!” And I looked and it was like a big ball of, like, boogers. And I’m like, “Upp! That’s my mucus plug.”

I think I will just end this post there.

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