Michael Phelps is a good kisser, according to girlfriend Sarah Herndon

Michael Phelps' girlfriend

Just like her Olympian beau, Michael Phelps, Sarah Herndon is pretty comfortable in a swimsuit. Skin isn’t the only thing the 22-year-old waitress/aspiring model/future nursing student is revealing.

“Michael’s a good kisser. He’s very cuddly and kissy, which is cute. He’s charming and a gentleman,” Herndon said in a new interview with Celebuzz.

Ever since Herndon and Phelps met in December, their relationship has moved pretty quickly. Phelps, who is the most decorated Olympian of all time, even took Herndon to the Bahamas in early January for five days of snorkeling, fishing and relaxing.

Michael Phelps and Girlfriend on Vacation
“We were holding hands and he was putting his arm around me when I was cold,” Herndon said of a lobster-catching excursion. “He’s really caring and affectionate. He would kiss me in front of his friends — you could tell he was happy to have me there. He was treating me like I was his girl.”

Herndon also offered some insight into the famed swimmer’s light-hearted personality. While fishing for lobster, Herndon said Phelps jokingly told the crustaceans, “You know, I live in water, too!” To fans used to seeing Phelps in competition mode, it’s nice to hear of him having a bit of fun (in non-Bongwatergate ways, of course).

“I have grown up by the ocean, so I absolutely love swimming, and jogging. I also grew up with a boat and a cabin in the snow, so wakeboarding and snowboarding are big passions of mine,” said Herndon in her Explore Talent account.

Sarah Herndon Surfing Mag

^From Herndon’s Facebook page.

When it comes to intimate details of their relationship, Herndon reportedly told friends that Phelps is an “amazing lover.” However, Herndon got tight-lipped about the subject in the interview.

“I did stay in his room but I’m not going to say that he’s a good lover or anything. I would never talk about something like that,” Herndon said. (Although we all know what pleading the fifth usually means.)

Immediately after the island vacation, Phelps invited Herndon to Baltimore for an extended date.
“It was romantic, he’s a great date,” Herndon said of Baltimore. “He’s a gentleman, very polite. I’m sure he gets that from his mother — they’re pretty close.”Prior to their meeting, both Phelps and Herndon ended long relationships. Now, even though things have been moving pretty quickly, Herndon and Phelps aren’t rushing to put a label on it.

“It’s just really casual right now. It was like too soon to talk about being exclusive, but we talked about how we had a great time and how we would see each other soon,” Herndon said. They plan to see each other in Las Vegas next week and in at Herndon’s home in Los Angeles a few weeks later.

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