Do Jake and Logan Paul hate each other? Did Logan Paul admit to being a sociopath?

The third installment of Shane Dawson’s YouTube documentary series on Jake Paul will drop today, and this time he’s delving into the toxic Paul family dynamic. His first episode posed the question of whether or not Jake Paul is a sociopath because of the extreme antisocial antics he takes part in to dominate YouTube with his Team 10, and the second episode was a look into what a sociopath actually is with therapist Kati Morton.

The second received a huge amount of backlash because Shane intercut his conversation with Kati Morton with highly sensational and emotionally manipulative scary images and scenes while horror much played. One path the series is already steering its audience is to not necessary look to Jake Paul for the sociopathic tendencies, but to his brother Logan Paul.

Although the Paul brothers are ubiquitous on YouTube (for better or for worse) it turns out that they actually don’t get along. Logan Paul admitted as much in his response video to Shane’s series. “I get that not everyone likes my brother, me included,” Logan said. “I mean, the Paul family is currently surrounded by controversy – a fault of our own.”

Despite all of Jake Paul’s antics – which is include angering his neighbors, subjecting his Team 10 members to strict rules and practically torture for blog material, and lying about sexual assault – Logan Paul shocked and angered the world by cavalier including footage of a suicide victim he found in Japan’s legendary “Suicide Forest,” in a vlog.

Logan’s response to Shane’s series, which was overseen by Logan’s handler, made fun of Shane’s use of scare tactics but also seems to defend sociopaths. More accurately, he seemed to suggest that Shane should be using the term “sociopathic tendencies,” to describe some of the things Logan and other YouTubers do to gain attention. He also noted that sociopathy is a spectrum, something Kati Morton also said, some successful businessmen like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg might display sociopathic behaviors.

“A lot of us, me included will do some dumb s**t, maybe some stuff that lacks empathy, strictly for views,” Logan Paul argued. “It gets up views, which gets up subscribers. Our motivating factor is to reach the next, next, next level. A sociopath, is, boiled down, someone who is more savage than everyone else.”

Logan goes on to argue that maybe everyone fits the label sociopath, and it’s something that everyone’s thinking that they just don’t want to say it. Kati Morton gave out a statistic that 1 in 25 people are sociopathic, so that offers up an explanation as to why Logan Paul might think the sociopathic criteria applies to everyone: it does apply to a great many people. Something that’s being brought to light with this whole experience is how common this type of personality is, and it makes us confront that the idea that sociopathic behaviors, which at their core seem to lack empathy, make up a large part of humanity.

Regardless of who is or isn’t a sociopath, it’s clear that the Paul family is in turmoil. YouTuber and Podcaster Ethan Klein revealed a private conversation he had with Jake Paul when he appeared on his H3 Podcast. Klein said that Logan Paul had actually slept with Logan Paul’s ex-girlfriend, model Alissa Violet. Logan referenced this betrayal in a diss track, which secretly hurt Jake’s feelings even though “it was good for views.”

Alissa is actually one of the people who first exposed what life was really like inside the Team 10 house.

Ethan Klein also said he asked Jake how he and his brother really felt about each other. “‘Honestly, it’s really bad. We honestly really hate each other.’” Jake reportedly told him about their relationship.

Shane’s series will also no-dobut look into the Paul family patriarch Greg Paul, who was recently the subject of a supposed sex tape leak.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor @AmeliaStarcasm