RHOA Shereé got stood up by Tyrone in Philadelphia, are they even still together?

In the RHOA episode that aired Sunday nigt, which was cheekily titled “She By Herself,” Shereé Whitfield finds herself stood up by her boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams at a restaurant in Philadelphia.

The couple had not seen each other in person for a while because Tyrone was on a monitored “house arrest” with an ankle monitor that only allowed him to travel within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia.

They had arranged to meet up to eat together before Shereé flew back to Atlanta after a trip to New York to see Kandi Burress’ play “Thoughts of a Colored Man” on Broadway.

He was originally supposed to meet up with Shereé in New York but bailed on her because he was nervous about testing the boundaries of the radius.

That didn’t stop Shereé from making an effort to meet up with her man. She arranged a car ride to Philadelphia where she sat outdoor at a restaurant for hours waiting on Tyrone.

She got so cold that she ordered hot tea to keep her warm. For a while, Shereé refused to order food but eventually ordered an appetizer because she was so hungry.

Throughout it all Tyrone made no contact with her and all of her calls went directly to voicemail.

Eventually, a producer let Shereé know that Tyrone’s lawyer called them to say that Tyrone would violate his parole if he showed up at the restaurant.

Shereé was hurt and confused because she said she usually goes out to restaurants with Tyrone when she comes to see him. She couldn’t believe that he didn’t tell her about this that morning. She breaks down in tears while on the phone with Kenya Moore saying “The is strike 50.”

Shereé has been loyal to Tyrone for years, forsaking other relationships for him while he was in jail. “I definitely saw a future before,” she says in interview. “I don’t know if I see it now.”

Kenya advised Shereé to not call Tyrone again and just wait for him to reach out to her.

Tyrone didn’t tell Shereé he wasn’t coming himself and her daughter let her know that when a call goes to voicemail it could mean her number was blocked.

As of present-day, it’s unknown if Shereé and Tyrone are even still together.

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