Jacqueline Laurita before and after neck lift and tummy tuck


Jacqueline Laurita’s recent plastic surgery is offering a welcomed subplot to The Real Housewives of New Jersey (the sibling rivalry thing is so crazy now, and even harder to watch with Teresa’s latest problems.) Jacqueline has been very open about the procedures she had done, and she talks about her plastic surgery plans on tonight’s episode.

She ended up getting a tummy tuck and a neck lift by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken.“When workouts & diets fail 2 put your body back in order after 3 kids, is there anything wrong w/having a Dr Brent put u back together again?” she asked via Twitter.

Dr. Moelleken does a “hybrid tummy tuck” that is less invasive than traditional tummy tuck, and is done through a C-section-type incision.

Here’s Jacqueline this July, post tummy tuck and neck lift:


Here’s a before photo of Jac’s belly before surgery from the show, but there are no unclothed “after” shots yet. You know she’s in the works for a bikini tabloid cover!


The RHBH editing crew left in some shots of Jacqueline’s removed skin, which included an unwanted tattoo. Guess that’s one method of tattoo removal!

Although Jacqueline is trying to turn back the hands of time, she’s said that it perplexes her why she doesn’t just let her body age naturally. “I honestly think its beautiful when people grow old gracefully,” she tweeted this February. “I have no idea y I choose not2.I’ll fight gravity w/Laser like Luke Skywalker.”

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