Is Jaden Smith dating Kylie Jenner?


14-year-old Karate Kid star Jaden Smith’s dad appeared be a chaperone for a date with Kardashian royalty 15-year-old Kylie Jenner last night at the sushi restaurant Nobu in Mayfair, London. Jaden was in town to attend his best friend Justin Bieber’s birthday party (which went awry,) but it’s unclear why Kylie was across the pond. Was this a “just friends” dinner, or a romantic date?


Even if it was a romantic date, it makes sense that a parent would come along because they are still young teens, especially Jaden. He was linked last November to Kylie’s 17-year-old sister Kendall after they were spotted holding hands while ice skating, but Kendall nixed those rumors right away. She told E! News “He is like my little brother. So funny. Never knew people talked about that.”

UPDATE – A source close to Kylie is now confirming that Kylie and Jaden are in fact dating!

As for pal Justin Bieber’s birthday, Jaden tweeted “I Gave Justin His Cartier Then Went Home.”

UPDATE: It looks like they are officially dating. Read more here.

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