The real origin of the “immediately no” TIKTOK sound

The “immediately no” TikTok sound is one of those sounds that gets right to the core of boundary setting, which is why it’s so popular. It’s short, palpable, and universally relatable. Everyone can think of something they want to firmly reject, but politely so. When you go to the original sound, however, you don’t find the true source of the voice.

The bit that was edited for a TikTok sound, presumably by user @odafin.t.schultz was uploaded by an adorable dog account. The voice we’re hearing, however is Justin Bieber during a carpool karaoke with James Corbin. Something James suggested and acted out to Justin triggered him into full shutdown mode.

dWhat did James Corbin do that Justin was so immediately against?

The sound bite starts about 1:30 minutes into the video after they had just finished singing the first song of the video, Ed Sheeran’s “I Don’t Care.”

James then noted that his issue with the song was that there was no choreography. Justin started off agreeable that there could be choreography for the song, but abruptly changed his mind when James started acting out a dance. The clip on TikTok has some of the conversation edited out

“Immediately no,” Justin says. “Instantly I was like, ‘Yeah, no.'”

“But I love you and your value stays the same. You’re still valuable, but that dance right there does not add value.”

The next part, where Justin validates James, is edited out from the TikTok: “But I love you and your value stays the same. You’re still valuable, but that dance right there does not add value to anything,” Justin tells him.

The TikTok sound then picks back up at “I’ve seen what I needed to see.” The choice of editing for the TikTok sound was truly “chef’s kiss” as it made the meme a more direct rejection, and applicable to pretty much anything under the sun.

James replies that Justin just hasn’t seen enough of it and proceeds to mime rocking a baby while singing the lyrics “cause I don’t care when I’m with my baby,” which is obviously a comedy bit. Justin shakes his head and says “Uh-uh. No. That’s not what the kids want to see. Have you ever seen TikTok?,” he asks. “Have you ever seen these kids on TikTok? They don’t want to see that. They want to see WHOA.”

James then pulls a move that Justin approves of, and they proceed to collab on a TikTok dance for Justin’s song “Yummy.”

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