Human body alphabet by Pilobolus

Human Alphabet Letter B

Six performance artists from the New York based dance collective Pilobolus Dance Theater Group decided they would cover their alphabods with some brightly colored, skin-tight outfits and try to create the entire alphabet with only their bodies! The result is the wonderful book The Human Alphabet.

Not only does the book feature all of the letter forms pictured below, but for each letter the group also creates an object that begins with that letter.

Here’s page one as an example:

Fun stuff! And the hardcover costs less than 12 bucks on Amazon!

Perhaps demonstrating that my mind is always in the gutter, my favorite is the letter “K,” which would be perfect to start the title of the latest edition of the Kama Sutra:

Human Alphabet Letter K

From a creative standpoint, “B” and “Y” are pretty wild! Enough of my rambling, though. Here they all are – just click one to see a larger image in the gallery, at which point you can either scroll through the rest or click on the larger image for a super-sized version!

The photos were taken by 58-year-old John Kane, who has been collaborating with the Pilobolus Dance Theatre Group for 12 years.

Photos (except Page One sample): Barcroft/Fame Pictures

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