Rielle Hunter claims Andrew Young was in love with John Edwards

How does a man show his love for another man? Claim to be the other man’s baby’s daddy by a mistress, according to Reille Hunter at least.

Rielle Hunter’s revealing interview with GQ this week not only showcased a lot of leg, it also gave us way TMI about Rielle’s undying love for Johnny Edwards, and her delusions that he feels exactly the same way. But according to Rielle herself, the real love story in this sticky situation is between Andrew Young and John Edwards.

Here’s what she had to say about why

What do you think the Youngs’ motivations are?

I think Andrew and [his wife] Cheri’s motivations are mixed. They are scorned. Andrew was in love with Johnny. And, um—

In love with him?

In love with him. Beyond. And I believe he loved Johnny more than he loved Cheri. So Johnny was the third person in their relationship. And I’m sure she hates Johnny, because Andrew took a lot of obvious actions that were for Johnny and not for Cheri. But Cheri went along with them. And they both have a way of spinning things. But a lot of their motivation is money.

How did the whole plan go down for Andrew to claim paternity?
It was Andrew’s idea. The first time Andrew said it, I was on the phone with Johnny, and Johnny was screaming at me about the National Enquirer finding me and photographing me. He was very angry. And Johnny doesn’t scream. He’s not a screamer. But he was screaming at me that day, and Andrew suggested, right then and there, “Hey, tell him that I’ll claim I’m the father.”

So the REAL scorned lover in this whole affair may not be the cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards, or the reality-detached Rielle Hunter, but Andrew Young, the ex-aide who lied to everyone and claimed to be Hunter’s baby’s father.

Young recently published a book recounting his side of things, where he admits to a cult-like devotion that made him do what he did, but describes both Edwards and Hunter in unflattering lights. Edwards comes off especially terrible in Young’s account, reportedly calling Hunter a “crazy sl*t” and demanding DNA evidence that the child was his.

As for Young’s claim of parenthood being Young’s idea? He told The Early Show that was a big fat lie:

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Young also told Joy Behar today that went Hunter got pregnant, she was also dating Jeff Goldblum, and told Jeff the baby was his. Who needs soap operas when this is real life!