VIDEO: Chicago Cubs player Tyler Colvin impaled by shattered bat

You know it’s not going to be a good video for Mr. Colvin when the headline includes the words impaled and shattered bat. In the following video you’ll see Colvin at third base react to a hit by making his way to home plate. The bat shatters and a shard of the broken bat actually lodges into Colvin’s chest.

Before you get too worried for the Cubs outfielder, he currently is in stable condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami where he will remain for observation. Colvin was gracious and grateful for the support that has been heaped upon him since the freak accident:

“I want to thank Cubs fans for their support all season, especially right now, and let everyone know that I’m doing OK,” Colvin said in a statement. “I also want to thank everyone who has helped take care of me here in Miami — the Cubs and Marlins training and medical staffs, the EMTs at the ballpark and everyone here at the hospital.”

The 25-year-old rookie will remian out for the remainder of the season.  There currently is a tube inserted into his chest to prevent a collapsed lung.

Who ever would have thought that we would live to see a play that actually symbolizes the emotional pain of being a Cubs fan.  I bet it feels like a shattered bat piercing your chest right?  All the best to Colvin and his recovery, and don’t be too hard on him next year if he’s a little gun shy running the bases.