HOME TO ROOST Ozzy Osbourne and famous family return to reality tv

If you heard that in the voice of Ozzy Osbourne, specifically as featured on the 2k classic The Osbournes, the nostalgia is about to hit hard.

The Prince of Darkness and his rambunctious crew are returning to reality television – 20 years after their MTV debut!

The Osbourne’s

The hit reality show The Osbournes aired 52 episodes between 2002-2005. The famous family, head by Ozzy Osbourne, also featured his feisty wife Sharon and rebellious children Jack and Kelly.

A lot has changed for all of them since the show. Kelly and Jack Osbourne are both parents, and Sharon has created a tv career all of her own.

With so much evolution, naturally it makes sense to return to the screen!

Home to Roost

Home to Roost is a new reality series that will document Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon Osbourne’s journey home; the couple is leaving Los Angeles to return back to their native England.

The official series description states:

The show, which will air on BBC One and iPlayer in the U.S., follows the famous family “as they celebrate one of their most important years yet – with everything from Sharon’s 70th birthday to Kelly’s soon-to-be-born baby, Ozzy’s tour, and of course the big move itself.

Ozzy Osbourne reluctant reality star

While the Black Sabbath singer is excited about the show, he is nervous what a return to ‘reality’ will mean for his family.

Ozzy tells The Mirror:

There is rock and roll fame, which is pretty intense, but that Osbourne level was just unbelievable. The kids paid for it. They all ended up doing drugs. Jack got clean and sober on that show, Kelly messed up on that show, I was messed up and Sharon got cancer.

The drama of a reality series is a lot for some famous family’s to handle, many often point out how The Osbourne’s paved the way for The Kardashian’s to find the success they have.

On the topic, Ozzy comments “I don’t know how the Kardashians have done it for so long – it sent us crazy at the end.”

Here’s to hoping Home to Roost is a great experience for these reality tv pioneers!

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