Kelly Osbourne’s cutest photo ever! Even with an armpit chemical burn!

Dancing With the Stars contestant Kelly Osborne was having some pre-show issues, but they weren’t of the butterflies-in-the-stomach variety but more of the burning-chemicals-on-your-body ilk. No, she wasn’t dumb enough to use Lindsay Lohan’s agent-orange-inspired Sevin Nyne tanning spray. I’ll let her tell you via her twitter account:

Never ever use impulse body spray from the UK i sprayed it on myself and now have really bad burns all over my body gentle on skin my ass!

They just had to send my dress for tonight back to fix so it covers my burns 🙁

One of my burns 🙁 it’s so gross

Then she provided a link to this photo which – if you disregard the obviously painful flaming red Kelly pit – I think is absolutely adorable! And it’s not just the pouty lips and red hair! Wait, maybe it is. I dunno. What do you think?

Click to see larger version:
Kelly Osbourne looks adorable in spite of armpit chemical burns

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