Heidi Montag regrets her DDD / G breast implants; wants to live in Costa Rice (with Spencer?)


These people are so confusing. They get attention for the constant antics, but it just leaves us all dizzy.

It’s been about 10 months since Heidi Montag turned into Frankenheidi by getting 10 plastic surgery procedures done in one day by the late Dr. Frank Ryan. One of the most major parts of the ordeal was getting massive DDD or G breast implants.

All of her surgeries caused a great deal of pain, pain she says she is still experiencing all these months later. In fact, she now tells Life & Style she regrets the breast implants and wants to be a more modest DD or D. She also adds that she now just wants to live out her life in Costa Rica.

Oddly enough, Costa Rica is where her sex tape distributor and former husband Spencer Pratt is spending some time these days. He even told MTV that he’s “trying to work it out” with Heidi. This is odd considering he recently claimed that their marriage was a sham. Now he’s saying it’s the divorce that was a sham.

Maybe they’re both shams somehow in the twisted, illogical world Spencer and Heidi inhabit. Either way, Spence is ready to not release a sex tape if Heidi decides to rip up the divorce papers and “do a show with him.” Doing a show is always the caveat with Spencer Pratt and his relationships, family, friends, pets . . . everyone has to sign a reality show contract if you want to hang with him.

“We’re working things through. Clearly I care for her, but the divorce is a superficial title ’cause I didn’t cheat on her. And then she divorces me to clean her image. That doesn’t fly with me. As much as I was like, ‘Do it’ [with the divorce], I never thought it would work. You can’t be Speidi and then all of a sudden get a divorce. She’s still serious about it because she’s trying to divorce what is Spencer Pratt. She still loves me. There won’t be [a sex tape] if she rips up these divorce papers and wants to do this show with me.”

After all they’ve done, would you even watch this show if it comes to fruition?