Who Is Jen Bunney, Heidi Montag’s New BFF and Co-Star?

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are at it again! They’ve orchestrated what some insiders are calling a fake breakup in order to bring attention to a new reality show Heidi is currently filming. Word is, they want to re-launch Heidi as a “single girl” brand, with Jen Bunney as her co-star and sidekick. Viewers of The Hills will already know Jen; this is not the first time she has graced our screens.

While Jen appeared on season 1 of The Hills as a friend of Lauren Conrad’s, it wasn’t until season two that she made waves. Heidi, newly on the outs with Lauren, set Jen up with Brody Jenner, Lauren’s ex. She returns in the following season, briefly, to make amends with Lauren. Jen has since publicly stated that the idea to date Brody came from the producers of the show, while Brody says that it was Jen’s idea to get more camera time. He also added that Jen played a part in spreading the infamous rumor that Lauren had a sex tape.

Like Heidi, Jen appears to have gone under the knife. When she resurfaced in season 3’s episode to talk to Lauren, she looked like she had a brand new nose, and she’s now sporting bottle blonde hair. There are rumors circulating that she had more done, following in Heidi’s footsteps.

Other than being a little backstabber and Grade-A sh!t-stirrer, Jen was a student at USC, majoring in Neuroscience/Pre-Med. She has a MySpace page that she actually visited sometime this year, where she claims her favorite designer as Chanel and her interests as “mixed drinks, shopping, and hanging with [her] girls.”  There’s also a Twitter: @jenbunney0, but it hasn’t been updated in a year, and looks fake.

No matter, Heidi and Jen are moving in together to film their reality show. They’ve already staged a bunch of hilarious paparazzi shots, where Jen helps a distraught Heidi while somehow never keeping their eyes off the camera (see photos of that stunt here) . Jen has said that the show will focus on “on our friendship, getting through things with each other like marriage stuff and boyfriend stuff.” Wow! Marriage stuff and boyfriend stuff! I’m sure the ladies will also have a brainstorming session on how to fix the BP spill after they finish talking about all this “stuff.” If you’re expecting Hills-style pseudo reality, Jen promises that it will be an unsencored look into their lives, saying “We aren’t really sure what to tell you to expect for this first season — it’s all unplanned. We’re just going to see what will happen.”

However, don’t think that Jen has moved past her former childish ways. A source tells x17 that Jen was the one who has been leaking news on Heidi and Spencer in order to get publicity. They say, “Jen is trying to whore herself out to get noticed, but we have a feeling she’s the one who has been leaking the info all along. She wants to be a star so bad.” Indeed: who would give up a future normal life as a doctor in order to be Heidi’s plus one? Only someone truly desperate for fame.

Heidi and Jen’s reality show will be filmed this summer.

Here’s a remix a fan did of some of one of Jen’s finest moments on The Hills:

Image: MTV