Wrangler’s caffeinated jeans are supposed to banish cellulite


Wrangler’s selling a pair of $135 jeans called Denim Spa that are supposed to reduce the appearance of cellulite (when the jeans are off, of course, because all jeans make cellulite disappear when they’re on.) They’re infused with some ingredients that are supposed to change the texture of your thighs if you wear the jeans eight hours a day, five days a week, which is interesting because the special coating only last through about 15 wears.

What are the magic ingredients?
Caffeine, olive extract, and aloe vera. 

Why not just spray a mixture of that on your skin instead and pray it works?

Personally, I prefer all caffeine in my mouth. But that’s just me.

Apparently coffee CAN help reduce the appearance of cellulite, according to Women’s Health natural beauty expert Renée Loux. Here’s how she recommends doing the coffee cellulite treatment:

Mix 1/4 cup freshly ground coffee with 3 tablespoons hot water and let the mixture sit for 10 minutes to absorb the water and form a paste.
Then, mix in 2 tablespoons of olive oil to help bind the grinds. (This will make it easier to spread on, and offer extra moisturizing effects.) Cleanse problem areas in a warm shower, then turn off the water and apply the scrub by massaging in a circular motion for two to four minutes with your hands or a washcloth.
Rinse with warm water to remove all grounds, then pat dry and moisturize if desired.