Farrah Abraham responds to criticism of debut song “Rock Bottom”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is not afraid to try new things when it comes to continuing a career after her run on the game-changing MTV show. One of the recent ventures was to record songs that will accompany her book, My Teenage Dream Ended.

She gave an early listen with the debut track “Getting Up From Rock Bottom” and the criticism of the intensely Autotuned work has come fast and fierce. Farrah recently spoke with Ology and addressed the bashing of the song.

Before we get to her response I pieced together just a small sampling of what folks were writing about the tune via the app it was published on. Soundcloud allows listeners to highlight a portion of a track and leave their own personal ruminations and opinions for the song in question.

Some of the replies to Farrah Abraham's song "Rock Bottom"

I think we get the picture. Here’s Farrah’s thoughts on the overwhelmingly negative feedback to her song.

There’s going to be lots of criticism everywhere. Most people don’t look at as therapeutic. To me, that was therapeutic. It was also another way for me to express myself. I’m an artist, I’m an entrepreneur. I love to dive in and experience new things now in a positive way. I have to say that they’ve only heard one song, but then they haven’t heard all of the songs that go with the book. It is a book track. It is not like a Kanye West soundtrack or an album. The titles of those songs match 10 of the titles in the book, and those are the most important, I would say, times in my life as a teenager, and I thought it was really cool to have the opportunity to record my book because lots of teenagers, myself included, like music sometimes over book reading. I thought it was a great way to share other emotions through music rather than just reading.

Well there you have it. If you’re interested in reading our attempt at transcribing the lyrics and details on how you can get a copy of the album you can go here.