Gigi Hadid accused of snorting coke in Cody Simpson’s Snapchat video

Gigi Hadid Cocaine Denial

Gigi Hadid is denying rumors she snorted cocaine while hosting a Victoria’s Secret Pink Spring Break event with boyfriend Cody Simpson this weekend, saying she’s insulted people would believe she might do drugs — let alone during work.

The hullabaloo began this weekend when Cody posted a Snapchat story of the young couple hosting the poolside event. The camera starts on 19-year-old Gigi as she’s dancing. When it cutss back to her, she’s leaning over the DJ booth with her nose down.

The public Snapchat was quickly picked up and saved by a number of outlets, including Ocean Up, a blog that captured a clearer picture.

Gigi Hadid Cocaine

Although the low-resolution video makes it hard to know what to think, Gigi took to Twitter to shoot down rumors she was snorting a substance such as cocaine.

She took specific aim at Ocean Up for fueling the rumor by posting a poll on their website.

In another comment, she directed more criticism at Ocean Up, saying, “you are the pits of the world. It’s very sad that you need to go to those lengths for someone to maybe read your s*** blog.”

The controversy is likely a bit of a downer for Yolanda Foster’s daughter, who recently walked at Paris Fashion Week, was named the face of Maybelline and is a new Victoria’s Secret Pink model.

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