Father of ‘affluenza’ teen arrested for impersonating a police officer

Affluenza dad Fred Couch mug shot

Teenager Ethan Couch made national headlines when his attorney used the concept of “affluenza,” via a testimony from a psychologist, in his defense over a DUI that took the lives of 4 and seriously injured 2 others.

The idea was that Couch’s parents had spoiled him to such an extent that he was unable to understand the consequences of his actions. His defense was successful as Couch received 10 years probation and was required to receive treatment at a mental health facility – but he avoided any jail time.

Now Ethan’s father Fred Couch, who’s had some run ins with the law but has never been in jail either, has been arrested for impersonating a police officer in North Richland Hills, Texas.

WFAA reports:

Police said Frederick Couch led an officer to his vehicle, and according to the arrest warrant, Couch said his “Lakeside police stuff” was inside. He told the officer he was a reserve officer for the Lakeside police.

“Couch reached into his vehicle and took out his wallet displaying what appeared to be a police badge and identification card, suggesting he was a police officer,” North Richland Hills investigator K. Bauman said. “Upon completion of the call, all subjects involved were allowed to leave the location.”

In the arrest warrant, the other responding officer in the incident explains that he or she actually worked part time as a Lakeside police officer from 2011 to 2012 and didn’t know Couch. Couch knew the Lakeside police chief’s name and displayed a badge that looked similar to the Lakeside police badge.

The responding officer later contacted the Lakeside Police Chief Lee Pitts, who said Couch was not nor had ever been a reserve officer for Lakeside. The officer also found Couch was not licensed as a peace officer in Texas

Couch was arrested Tuesday and later released on $2,500 bond.

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