Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham to ‘surprise’ attend Teen Mom OG Reunion in NYC this weekend?

Michael Abraham to make surprise appearance at Teen Mom Reunion in New York this weekend

Fired Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham may not be at the show’s Reunion special taping this weekend, but her dad Michael Abraham just revealed on Twitter that he plans to “surprise so many people” in New York City this weekend before adding: “I’ll get to shake hands with Dr. Drew just like old times!”

The initial tweet included a photo taken in New York City:

We recommended that Michael wear a disguise along with the Groucho Froco glasses photo at the top of this post, and Michael responded to that by tweeting: “Love it! I do have one …. they won’t know what happens [until] it’s too late… and I’ll get to shake hands with Dr. Drew just like old times!” Michael then adds: “Maybe this weekend they will figure out who the ‘leak’ is when I walk on up! Lol!” In a separate tweet he adds the postscript: “PS yes I have my Froco glasses too!”

I am guessing the “leak” reference is in regards to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup report on Tuesday that “a member of Farrah Abraham’s squad is planning to sneak into the Teen Mom OG Reunion this weekend.”

Someone, who doesn’t appear to be a big fan of the Abrahams, responded to speculation that Michael was hinting that he was going to be at the Reunion by tweeting: “He WANTS people to think he’s there for that. That family is legit creepy AF.” Michael then seemed to confirm his ties to The Ashley’s story by tweeting: “Lol! Check out the Ashley story from yesterday …. lol!”

The conversation continued:

Michael Abraham Teen Mom OG Reunion surprise tweets

You will notice that Michael’s tweet was geotagged in Buda, Texas, so he clearly hasn’t made the trip to New York City yet.

Strangely, Michael’s plan to attend the Reunion seems to contradict a recent statement by his daughter Farrah on Tuesday. “MTV is not allowing me to attend the reunion, and my dad won’t attend if I don’t go,” Farrah told US Weekly. “I can’t speak for my mom,” she added. More from Farrah:

I wish them all the best with the show. I’m out on a high note. This is the longest season in history and I’m their biggest star. I can do my own show, but I don’t want to focus on reality TV. I’m focusing on scripted opportunities, but will always enjoy a good reality TV project.

Michael must have been referencing those scripted projects in another tweet from tonight. “We have been working on two new projects,” he said of the Abrahams, before tossing a little shade at MTV and Teen Mom OG by adding: “and we have moved on before that ship sinks lol!”

It should be fun to watch if Michael manages to get back on board the sinking ship — if only for a few minutes — this weekend. Who knows? Perhaps Amber Portwood’s ex (and Michael Abraham assaulter) Matt Baier will be there as well for some sort of on-camera Reunion surprise Maury Povich paternity test for Amber’s baby! Talk about fireworks!

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