Farrah Abraham’s Luis Vuitton iPhone case costs $1180

Farrah Abraham phone case

Viewers of the current season of Teen Mom OG probably couldn’t help but notice two things different about Farrah Abraham: her bright red hair and her intimidating trunk-themed phone case! Pretty much any woman reading this will know what it would cost to get scarlet locks, but how much would it be to get that trunk case? The answer, as it turns out, is a lot.

One redditor noticed something I didn’t (despite screen capping the phone case numerous times) — it is a Luis Vuitton, as evidence by the logo and signature pattern. With very minimal effort on Google, it’s easy to track down Farrah’s designer case as the Luis Vuitton Eye-Trunk case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Farrah Abraham Luis Vuitton iphone case

According to the Luis Vuitton US website, the iPhone 7 case retails for $1180 and the iPhone 7 Plus case runs $1280, although the latter does not look like it comes in Farrah’s style. That price may seem high, but it’s dramatically less than the Eye-Trunk case in Crocodilien Mat, which retails for a whopping $5050!!

I should point out that Farrah is constantly attending numerous events, both in the entertainment and fashion industries, so it’s possible possible that she received the case as a promotional gift or as part of a swag bag.

So, is the case worth the $1180 price tag? I have no idea, but Youtuber Malibu Dollface did a review from firsthand experience:

And here’s a little Instagram flashback featuring Farrah’s now-infamous “unconfuse your brain” quote to mom Debra Danielsen in which we declared our admiration for Farrah’s phone case:

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