RECAP Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood keep feuding

Farrah Abraham Amber Portwood feud

Monday night is the big prize fight (literally?) between Teen Mom OG stars Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood as their ongoing feud culminates during the Teen Mom OG Finale Special With Dr. Drew with at least one punch being thrown between the two ladies, as well as a physical altercation between Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham and Amber Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier. But, just like the hype before a big pay-per-view boxing match, Farrah and Amber are weighing in with pre-fight jabs via social media. And Farrah’s male companion Simon Saran is playing the part of legendary promoter Don King by stirring things up!

OK, before we get to the latest, I feel I should fill everyone in on the feud so far. Amber and Farrah seemed to be good friends there for a while, with Amber even appearing on Farrah’s podcast back in February. That friendship crumbled, however, after Farrah did an interview in which she stated that it was a good thing that Gary Shirley has primary custody of Amber’s daughter Leah.

The already burning bridge between the two former gal pals became engulfed in flames when Simon Saran began doing live commentary and recaps of Teen Mom OG episodes on Snapchat, during which he was a little less than kind when it came to Amber’s fiance Matt. In October things exploded when Simon called Matt a pedophile. Those comments resulted in a Twitter spat between Amber and Simon in which she called him “a little b!tch” and a “little boy toy puppet” who is “weak and irrelevant.”

Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham together

Less than two weeks after Simon’s infamous pedophile comments, the cast of Teen Mom OG met up in California for the Reunion. Obviously, Amber was still angry, and she absolutely lost it when Dr. Drew asked Simon about the pedophile comment and as Simon was trying to say it was just a joke, Farrah commented that Matt looked like a pedophile. That’s when Amber stormed on stage and all Hell broke loose.

After the Reunion brawl, the feud between Amber and Simon once again spilled over to social media, this time with Simon calling Amber a hippo and Matt a “senior citizen pu**y.”

The next day, things EXPLODED on Twitter as Simon was at the center of a maelstrom of tweets from not only Amber, but also Catelynn Baltierra, Teen Mom OG Executive producer Morgan Freeman, and even comedian Stevie Ryan!

Early in November, Amber returned to bashing Farrah after someone pointed out that Amber had nude photos that found their way online back in the day, adding that Farrah worked hard at making her multiple businesses a success while Amber sat on a couch all day. Amber’s response, in part, was to state flatly “I am 100% better than a person like her. All day every day. Love ?”

Hang in there, we are almost caught up y’all!

Monday night MTV aired Part One of the Teen Mom OG Season 6 Reunion, and Amber UNLEASHED on Farrah with Dr. Drew! The whole thing started when Amber talked about being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, which Dr. Drew pointed out is associated with anger issues. “I like nice people,” Amber pointed out. “I don’t like mean people, because then I get mean. Only if they’re mean to me first though. See, I want people to understand that I can’t just, like, be mean to you.

“I get it,” says Dr. Drew.

“Like, I’m not Farrah Abraham,” Amber says as she turns to the audience. “I can’t just be mean to you for no reason. But if you’re mean to me, I’m a woman and I’m going to stand up for myself.”

Amber Portwood I'm not Farrah Abraham quote

“Speaking of Farrah,” Dr. Drew says,” you had that conversation with her. Do you have any feelings about that whole — are you and Farrah OK? I guess is the question.”

“Hell no!”

“How come?” asks Dr. Drew.

“We used to be,” Amber admits, “and then one day she decided to open up her, uh, crooked lips.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Dr. Drew says.

“She just decided to do an interview saying something around that something about how it’s good that Leah is with Gary, and how my house probably smells like p!ss — because of my dogs that I rescued. By the way, they are all rescues, because I love animals,” Amber says to the camera.”

Dr. Drew observes: “This is back to your ‘somebody’s being mean so I’m going to be -‘”

“And she’s been mean to Catelynn,” Amber interrupts, “Maci, my fiance, Taylor, everyone on this show. And her piece of sh!t boy toy Simon! When she makes a quote saying she’s the reason why this show’s on, well I’m sorry but when I was in prison this show was not on, and when I got out it sure as hell came on. And she was selling her vagina while I was gone!” The audience claps. “So, we’ll make that clear.”

“Can you stay a little more positive?” asks Dr. Drew.

“No, I’m good,” Amber says shortly and Dr. Drew laughs. “No!” exclaims Amber. “Dr. Drew, no! Do not let her get way with what she does! And you do. You need to call her out more when she is sitting on this stage. And you let her get away with a lot of things. The way she speaks to the crew, the way she speaks to people in general — her mother, her father — is disrespectful and disgusting! And I’m just saying what a lot of people think. She needs a change.”

“My understanding is that we’re going to try to get you guys all out here together,” Dr. Drew reveals.

“It had better be on the far end,” Amber says, looking to the other side of the couch. “She better not say A WORD to me, except for ‘I’m sorry,’ if she’s a woman enough to do that.”

“Will you accept an apology?” asks Dr. Drew.

“Absolutely,” Amber reveals.

After the episode aired, Farrah Abraham shared a photo of Amber from the Reunion along with her “Like, I’m not Farrah Abraham” quote on Instagram. “She’s Sad that she’s not ????,” Farrah captioned the photo, adding: “I’ll pray for ya ?????? & everyone else like ya.”

Later, Farrah posted another picture of Amber with the “I am not Farrah” quote at the top, but this one was alongside another photo of Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show. The text at the bottom of the side-by-side photos reads “Definitely not. Ur Miss Piggy!” Here’s that photo followed by Farrah’s caption:

Lmao I love fans they make the best sh!t you can’t say out loud ????????????? by the way Iove miss piggy but not the knock off

Amber offered up her reaction to Farrah’s post in the comments section and then with her own Miss Piggy Instagram photo:

Miss Piggy looks classy with her pearls, I like this. And sorry I didn’t do that show with you and it didn’t get picked up. Have a good night Hun..if you want to keep going then I have plenty to share?? Just let me know.

Oh Miss Piggy violence is not the answer?

A photo posted by Amber Leann Portwood (@realamberlportwood1__) on

After the Miss Piggy photo fallout, Simon spoke with Hollywood Life about the Reunion brawl and stated flatly that “the whole fight was set up by producers. Why else would the cameras be where they were?” he asks. “The security was so tight, they would not even let me out of my room to go grab lunch.” And we all know how seriously Simon takes his lunches!

Simon says Amber “was very scared when she ran out on stage” and stated again that she did throw a punch at Farrah, which missed. Simon says that was probably good for Amber — for two reasons. “If Amber had hit Farrah, Amber would be in jail right now,” Simon points out. “And Farrah would probably knock Amber’s ass out anyway. I don’t think Amber would win that fight, 100% Farrah would win, I would put money on that too.”

After that article came out, the feud moved over to Twitter where Amber and Simon got into it once again. Simon also dragged blogger Matt Richards (aka Real Mr. Housewife) into the fray. (Matt Richards is going out on a limb in support of Amber’s fiance Matt Baier by helping him write a book to clear up all the untrue things about his past. Just from the lies Matt Baier has admitted to telling Amber on screen, that sure seems like a mighty long and precarious limb!)

There are a few deleted tweets that I couldn’t resurrect, but otherwise here is the latest chapter recapped for you in an easier-to-read chronological timeline:

AMBER: @SimonSaran let me expose you and your triangle scheme company?! How much is actually your money not other investors???

SIMON: sweetheart you should run title on all of my properties and know that they are paid in full in cash

AMBER: not your cash though Simon!!!!

SIMON: actually all my cash

AMBER: tell the truth!

SIMON: nothing to hide here

AMBER: lol liar

SIMON: you were the one getting seller carry back on your homes. Lol

AMBER: what lol which person on your pay roll said that???

SIMON: go cry to [Teen Mom OG Executive Producer] @mjfree like you usually do.

AMBER: never love.. it’s not who you blow it’s who you know..your girl should learn that…

AMBER: are you drunk again Simon?

SIMON: no but it seems like you are back on the painkillers

AMBER: oh please you wish I would fall

SIMON: I wish you all the best. And I heard about how Matt Beat you. I’m sorry to hear that.

AMBER: your such a lie.. don’t be mad because I called you out on your “business”…me getting beat? Lol ignorance

SIMON: lol I’ve been flipping homes since you’ve been flipping around on mattresses on 16 and pregnant

AMBER: and now you’ve upgraded to such a substantial level right? makes you who you are. That’s why this is sad

TWEETER: it’s so lame to see a “man” talk down to a woman. Shows the true character.

AMBER: he’s just someone who needs help. Just like Farrah

SIMON: you make no sense. Lay off the painkillers

AMBER: never on drugs and I help thousands of people you and I hope the best for you and Farrah

AMBER: I’m just speaking the truth..I don’t have hate for is what it is. #karma

SIMON: sending you lovely love ❤️

AMBER: no Hun it’s called sending love?

AMBER: listen I got on here because your making homophobic comments to @realmrhousewife you should be ashamed but your not. Goodnight

SIMON: oh man where you going this is just getting interesting. Painkillers kicking in?

SIMON: painkillers can sometimes fog the thought process.

AMBER: wow I just want to say to all addict’s struggling to keep your head up. And I will never let you down or fall?

SIMON: all of the sudden now you want to play victim role? Lol you clown.

SIMON: My triangle pyramid scheme as amber calls it consist of me hitting on two teen moms and then settling for the slow dumb one at the bottom.

SIMON: lol she unblocked me to talk all this sh!t and then runs. Keep your ass out of the kitchen! I know it’s hard.

SIMON: In the real world, you do not get 20-30k an episode. You actually have to work to put food on the table. Still feel sorry??lol depression?

SIMON: she must have been eating a slice of cheese pizza when she said that

AMBER: pyramid scheme does it really matter…it’s the same horrible thing sorry I don’t know as much about it as he does

OK, that’s everything up until the time of this post! I can’t tell you how much time and effort goes into these social media recap posts, and I wanted to thank Twitter user @M_Martin35 for her kind words after one of my previous Farrah/Amber/Simon recaps because it helped motivate me to keep up the “Lord’s work” 😉

Don’t forget, the actual in-person Teen Mom OG prize fight between Amber and Farrah happens during the Teen Mom OG Finale Special With Dr. Drew Part Two airing Monday night at 9/8c on MTV!

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