Kelso’s VW ‘Love Bus’ from That 70s Show to be auctioned with a handbag autographed by the cast

That 70s Show Kelso's VW van love bus for auction

If you’re a fan of That ’70s Show and you’re looking to inject a little fahrvergnügen into your life, then the Barrett-Jackson car auction has just the thing for you: the actual green 1967 VW “Love Bus” won by Kelso in Season 4!

The no-reserve auction includes the beautiful 21-window 1967 Volkswagen Samba Bus, which was owned by show co-creator Mark Brazill in real life, as well as a handbag signed by members of the That ’70s Show cast. Here’s the auction description from the Barret-Jackson website listing:

This is the actual bus from That ’70s Show. Included with the sale is a copy of the original title in the name of the show’s co-creator, Mark Brazill. This was well-known as Ashton Kutcher’s “Love Bus” in the television series. Several major stars are associated with this bus, including Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace and Laura Prepon. The brakes and engine were just serviced, and it rides on new tires. It’s powered by a 1600cc 4-cylinder engine with a 4-speed manual transmission. Includes a stylish That ’70s Show handbag signed by some of the cast, including Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon.

And here are some interior and exterior photos of the van and photos of the autographed handbag:

That '70s Show love bus auction

That '70s Show Kelso's Love Bus up for auction

That '70s Show Kelso's VW bus auction interior photo

That 70s Show VW bus auction at Barrett-Jackson

That 70s Show handbag

That 70s Show autographed bag Mila Kunis Laura Prepon and more

Fans of the show will recall that Kelso won the van in a “Hand 2 Van” contest at a local fair in which the van was awarded to the person who was able to keep his or her hand on the van the longest without removing it. Kelso was pitted against fair competition veteran Daniel, and things were not looking good for Ashton Kutcher’s character right up until his girlfriend Jackie (Mila Kunis) arrived and begins to inquire about whether or not she is prettier than other women — specific other women — LOTS of specific other women:

Kelso’s van lived a long and happy life with its new owner. But it met with a rather unfortunate demise when placed in the care of Eric and Donna, who drove the van to the top of Mount Hump scouting a potential wedding location. From there, gravity and a lack of brakes combined to send Kelso’s hip whip to the great junkyard in the sky — or in the valley, as the case may be:

I’m not sure what the estimated value of Kelso’s Love Bus is, but if you’ve got that kind of money available for potential gifts for your favorite bloggers, then PLEASE add me to your gift list! I’m still heartbroken that I didn’t have the $47,000 to purchase Hurley’s Dharma bus from Lost. How many vehicles do you know have won Dlisted’s coveted “Hot S|ut of the Week honor?!

Kelso’s Love Bus will cross the auction block at the Palm Beach Barrett-Jackson car auction, which runs from April 12-15.The auction looks INCREDIBLE as usual, and you can CLICK HERE to check out the preview docket for some of the other collectible vehicles up for auction at the event.

On a side note, does anyone else think it would be a BRILLIANT promotional move by Barrett-Jackson to have a “Hand 2 Van” contest with the van instead of auctioning it off? Just sayin’!

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