Farrah Abraham’s horror movie Axeman II held up over copyright issues, lawsuit filed

Farrah Abraham cry face movie Axeman II Overkill

It was almost three years ago when we first announced that Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham was making the leap from the small screen to the big screen with her feature-length acting debut (Backdoor Teen Mom excluded) in the slasher sequel Axeman II: Overkill. Production on the film, which also features Big Brother and Amazing Race star Rachel Reilly, wrapped production in spring of 2015. So what happened? Where’s the movie?!

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UPDATE – The release of Axeman II was held up due to a lawsuit that has since been amicably resolved. Both parties requested that we remove details about the allegations made in the suit, and we have obliged. You can click here to find out more about the announcement of the premiere date and the availability of Axeman II on DVD and Blu-Ray.

We now resume our post already in progress…

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So when can we expect to FINALLY see Farrah Abraham on the big screen in Axeman II: Overkill? Unfortunately, lawsuits can take a loooooooooong time, so I’m not optimistic it will be any time soon — unless the two parties decide to resolve the dispute prior to going before a judge or jury.

However, Farrah is also featured in another of Joston Theney’s productions — Adam K. According to Amazon, that movie will be available on DVD on August 8!

We will leave you with an image of Farrah’s unforgettable scene from Adam K, which I’m guessing echoes Joston Theney’s sentiments about the legal issues surrounding Axeman II at this point:

Farrah Abraham movie Adam K

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