Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer reportedly jumped by three girls at a movie theater last night

Leah Messer

Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer was reportedly “jumped” last night at a movie theater by three girls. Her mother Dawn Spears and friends started tweeting about the event after it happened, with Dawn offering $500 to anyone who knew the girls who allegedly attacked Leah. Leah walked away unharmed.

Dawn tweeted that she didn’t end up giving the reward to anyone because she found a girl talking about the alleged fight on Facebook.



UPDATE: TMZ got their hands on a photo from the alleged attack that shows Leah’s face and neck reddened and swollen and had sources claiming the following:

Leah was harassed by an older woman leaving the movie theater, she was calling Messer names etc. Leah insists that she asked the woman to just leave her alone, and while doing so, two other girls came out of nowhere and all three of them together jumped Leah.

These sources say that a security guard and Leah’s man Jeremy Calvert managed to clear the attacking women out and that Leah and Jeremy then left the scene to get out of harm’s way. As it would seem from Dawn Spears’ inquiry, these sources also back up the claim that Leah did not know who these three women were.

In addition, the sources are stating that Leah plans to file a police report today (2.21.12).


Here’s a screen cap of one of the posts made by the girl on Leah Messer’s Facebook fan page, stating her aunt was one of the three involved in the attack. (I’ve blurred her name out because she is only 13)

Girls admits her aunt attacked Teen Mom Leah Messer at a movie theater

She posted on her own Facebook wall earlier that night that she and her family were going to the movies to see Ghost Rider 3-D, so that certainly matches up.

And here is a post by Leah Messer’s close friend Amy LaDawn on the girls’ Facebook wall:

Little girl you really need to stop posting all over Facebook that your Aunt kicked Leah’s ass, cause I’m pretty sure that even in high heels she hit every damn one of them who fought her and only came out with a knot on her cheek. No scratches, no bruises, etc. And I’m pretty sure now that there was a comment made about Leah that STARTED the fight not Leah, does the phrase “There’s that Anorexic b!tch from Teen Mom” ring a bell. I’d watch what you say online, cause I have pictures of it all, every post you’ve made, I’d sure hate for it to be held against your aunt later on down the road..If you know what I mean..Just words of advice. And Leah says “If you have anything to say, to come to her, she’s not scared”

To which the girl responded with: “OK Amy drop it and shut up I mean for real god by and stop commetin on my styff” [sic]

As of now, we have three names that have been tweeted concerning this incident, but we have not heard back from anyone involved in the incident confirming that those particular people were involved.

Please email info [at] starcasm [dot] net if you have any information about this incident.

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