Farrah Abraham’s ex-boyfriend Marcel Kaminstein reacts to sex tape

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and her new boyfriend Marcel Kaminstein in Florida

It seems just about everyone has something to say about Farrah Abraham and her sex tape, from her Teen Mom co-star Catelynn Lowell comparing her to a dying horse to talk show hosts calling her disgusting. One of Farrah’s few ex-boyfriends, Marcel Kaminstein, is the latest person to speak out, and he’s shedding some light on who Farrah is behind the scenes and what may have led her to make the flick.

“It’s completely embarrassing,” Marcel told Celebuzz.

“My friends never really liked her. She was extremely rude,” Marcel explained. “She doesn’t come off as a very nice person. It has to do with her being a little bit of a diva and something to do with fact that she’s always on and upholding an image rather than just being herself.”

In case you missed it, seeing as how it wasn’t featured on the show, Farrah and Marcel dated briefly after first meeting in 2011 on the Jewish dating site JDate. (You can see our profile post on Marcel here.) They called it quits rather amicably after three months.

Farrah Abraham with ex-boyfriend Marcel Kaminstein

“I was surprised how she chose to create and release the tape, being with a porn star,” he added. “I would have thought she would take the Paris Hilton route if she really wanted to do one.” According to previous reports, that was the plan, but no one would go for it. Namely, Farrah’s ex-boyfriend Carson Underwood had been approached but didn’t bite.

“She’s young and will make plenty of mistakes as we all do, it’s part of growing up,” Marcel continued. “But I must say she has come a very long way from being 16, pregnant and broke.”

Marcel also targeted her parents in the interview and accused them of using her for money and not supporting her, which is odd considering that Farrah’s dad Michael continues to reluctantly show his support for Farrah’s questionable decisions, and even flew to Los Angeles with her to help with the contract negotiations for the release of the video.

“Farrah had a very rough life that I would not wish on anyone, yet in the face of tremendous adversity from her unsupportive parents, friends and family that use her for money, tragic death of her baby daddy, a very tough MTV contract, and having a child at a young age, I would say she has shown herself to be very successful.”

She has definitely shown herself, and if you are judging just by fame and fortune, it would be nearly impossible to argue that she hasn’t been successful as well.

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