Farrah Abraham calls Blac Chyna a ‘f***in monkey’ on Instagram

Farrah Abraham Blac Chyna monkey comment on Instagram

It’s been a relatively quiet few weeks for the controversial headline grabbing machine known as Farrah Abraham, but the Teen Mom OG star is once again stirring things up AND apparently trying to start a new celebrity feud with a VERY incendiary comment about Blac Chyna!

The comment was made yesterday by Farrah’s official Instagram account on a short video clip posted by Blac Chyna in which she is riding shotgun in a vehicle and listening to Beyonce singing “You better call Becky with the good hair” from her new song “Sorry.” Here’s the clip:

?? Choker – @88finbyblacchyna

A video posted by www.Lashedbar.co (@blacchyna) on

The post generated a number of comments, many of which were the usual hateful and petty remarks about Blac Chyna’s appearance. (She has become quite the polarizing figure given her multifarious connections to the Kardashian family.) But it wasn’t until Farrah came along and offered up her opinion of Blac Chyna that things exploded:

Farrah_Abraham Blac Chyna monkey comment

As you might imagine, Farrah’s tasteless observation caused a huge backlash, with literally hundreds of comments deriding Farrah. Surprisingly, most of the comments focused on the “come up 4 what” part of Farrah’s remark and the fact that Farrah is famous for appearing on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom — and of course there’s the sex tape. Here is a sampling of the comments:

@farrah__abraham b!tch don’t forget your come up was from 16 and pregnant, to a p0rn star.

@farrah__abraham before you degrade somebody else don’t forget where you came from! Not knocking you but you were Teen Mom, and then became a p0rnstar or if that’s what you like to call yourself! You are no better than anyone, and for you to say something so degrading and so nasty just shows what kind of person you are! Not only is it hurtful to her, but to anyone who has to deal with racial comments. You have a daughter for goodness sake and I hope that you aren’t teaching her that this is how a woman should act. @blacchyna she may have done things in the past and did her own thing but you have no right to judge and regardless of what she did or what she looks like and how she got it is no ones business, she is beautiful inside and out! And sadly your comment @farrah__abraham doesn’t mean jack, because at the end of the day the only person who can define us is Jesus Christ himself! You need to look in the mirror and reevaluate yourself before you take it upon yourself to talk about someone else, because sweetie you are in no position to do that! I pray that your heart is revealed to you! And I’m sure you are a beautiful person as well, you are just not displaying it in the best way! Hold yourself to a better standard

Why is everyone talking about this @farrah__abraham #justwondering who is she ??

People talking about how Farrah is a p0rn star.. Well blac Chyna was a stripper so? How is she any better in that sense? AND she always posting stripper related pics/videos/ etc. acting like blac chyna came from law school or some sh!t. Lol .. Only because Chyna got lucky and f***ed with some famous ass people, pretty much only difference ?

There’s a clear distinction between being a stripper…and being a p0rn star. But neither of that matters because Farrah still made an unecessary, rude ass comment.

I’m not having a nervous breakdown over what Miss Farrah said, I just think it’s kinda ironic that she said what she said especially given the fact that she TRIED to come up off a sex tape that nobody watched or even bootlegged. And she’s a mother too so I guess.

@blacchyna don’t even waste your time on a piece of sh!t like @farrah__abraham ! Obviously she just tries to start sh!t with higher celebrities to even be relevant ?? @blacchyna send her to kick rocks & keep going on with your perfect life f*** a hater @ss b!tch ??????

You guys are doing exactly what Farrah wants you to do. She attacks famous people so she can get media attention and hits on her instagram.

Tell me why this dumb b!tch has an attitude towards anyone who isn’t her. Are you mad at the world cause your ugly inside and out?

@farrah__abraham who are you ?? Only thing I know about you is you’re a bad mom and treats you’re mom like sh!t! @blacchyna is a true hustler and one of the most beautiful people in the lime light ! You such a hater with your twig body ?


Although some of the reactions state that Farrah deleted her comment, it was still there at the time of this post — you just have to wade through the 1,000+ reactions to get to it.

UPDATE – Farrah has since responded to the controversy over her comments about Blac Chyna with more controversial comments.


On a side note, I should point out that Starcasm might be partly to blame for all of this. Farrah’s comment came just hours after she retweeted us lamenting the fact that she hadn’t done anything shocking in a while:

Starcasm Farrah Abraham retweet

Be careful what you ask for! #FarrahIsWatching

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