EXCLUSIVE PHOTO An emotional Farrah Abraham in Axeman II: Overkill movie still

Farrah Abraham as FANNY RAE BAKER n Axeman II Overkill - click to enlarge

It was announced back in July that Farrah Abraham would be making her feature-length movie debut in the slasher sequel Axeman II: Overkill, and we’ve been keeping you updated with behind-the-scenes photos from the set as well as exclusive movie stills — including a rather distraught Farrah (as Bible-thumping Fanny Rae Baker) handling a rather large handgun. The latest still (above) reveals that the Axeman may not be the only infamous thing making a return in the movie as it looks like Farrah is about to unleash her trademark cry face!

So what’s got Farrah on the verge of tears? Farrah’s character Fannie Rae and her cohort Irma Jean Manly (played by Arielle Hader) have just found out that “a member of their Christian Couple’s Camp has met their demise and signals that they are on Hell’s doorstep,” Umpire PR’s Tonny Touche tells us. “Who’s next? That all depends on what each of them are willing to do to stay alive,” Touche adds.

Cameraman Joe Floccari shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the set and addressed a message to all the Farrah Abrahaters out there:

Film producers released another still recently that, unfortunately, doesn’t feature Farrah, but it does feature the movie’s other star: the Axeman himself! (Played by WWE’s Bryan Clark.) Here’s the photo plus a description from the press release:

Axeman II Overkill still with Maureen - click to enlarge

This still features WWE’s Bryan Clark as the titular character and Alisha Seaton as Maureen, the backwoods tour guide who begrudgingly finds herself in a town she knows all too well. Familiar with the town’s legend and the secrets it’s trying to keep hidden, Maureen is not surprised by what she finds lurking in Cutter’s Creek. When asked why he’d release a still so soon that shows more of a character’s fate than he’s accustomed to, the film’s writer and director Joston “El Rey” Theney replied, “I assure you, Maureen is a bit more resourceful than she seems. You don’t survive the town of Cutter’s Creek and it’s secrets without being a part of them.” He further elaborated, “The Axeman is not some mindless beast, killing just for the fun of it. This town destroyed him and his life and he’s exacting a gleeful, gory revenge. Everything that’s happening – they deserve it. But he’s not the only bad guy in town.”

Axeman II: Overkill is set for a 2015 release.

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