Watch Online MTV’s “Teen Mom” complete episode 3 “Fallout” video

Teen Mom

The teen mama drama continues as Amber chokes and biyotch-slaps Gary, Catelynn’s Tyler and his uber-mulleted dad Butch kiss and make up for a brief moment, Maci’s friends all head off to college and Farrah deals with getting dumped on by Shaq. Watch the full episode and get completely caught up!

(CLICK HERE to see just the Amber smackdown clip.)

Here are links to the other episodes, but note that MTV can be pretty sporadic about putting up videos and taking them down:

Teen Mom Episode 1 “Looking For Love
Teen Mom Episode 2 “How Many Chances?
Teen Mom Episode 4 “Moving On
Teen Mom Episode 5 “A Little Help

Amber from Teen Mom chokes and slaps fiance Gary

Looking for Episode 3 of SEASON 2? CLICK HERE to watch “Valentine’s Day” in which Farrah first mentions the death of her baby daddy Derek Underwood.

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