Excerpt from Catleynn and Tyler’s book Conquering Chaos

Catelynn Tyler book Conquering Chaos excerpts

It’s less than two weeks away from the release date for the much-anticipated book Conquering Chaos by original Teen Mom cast members Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, and to help tide fans over, Tyler posted an excerpt from the book with his take on how to “be your own champion first.”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra book Conquering Chaos excerpt sample

In the excerpt it appears as though Tyler learned quite a bit from his time with Dr. Jenn Mann on Couples Therapy as he points out that in a relationship it’s not your job to make the other person happy. “Our jobs are to love each other, support each other, and uplift each other,” it reads. “But we’re still responsible for our own happiness.” Catelynn’s take on it starts similarly as she opens by pointing out you have to love yourself before you can accept love in a healthy way.

Here’s how Tyler captioned the excerpt:

Just a little preview of our book ‪#‎ConqueringChaos‬ Me and Catelynn have delicately molded our relationship to a mutually loving level through the traumatic things we have faced as a couple. We made sure to learn from every bump in the road and love a little harder than before we rolled over it. Love is about sacrifice, honesty, respect, and nurture and we enjoy doing all those things for each other…because we love each other #ConqueringChaos

In case you missed it, Tyler had previously pointed out that the book is not a chronological narrative of his and Catelynn’s lives, but is instead their thoughts on various themes. “Our book is not in chronological order,” Tyler tweeted back in January. “Each chapter we cover themes on life,” he added.

I assume, from the publisher’s description of the book, that through these reflections we will learn about both stars’ lives from the time they were “troublemaking kids from the trailer park” to Catelynn’s first pregnancy, their daughter Carly’s adoption, and their relationship struggles. Also, we are promised a glimpse into “what really happened when the cameras weren’t there.” Tyler wrote on Instagram on January 9, “We leave nothing untouched & make ourselves completely vulnerable to share the story of our lives with you.”

Although the excerpt is the first look at any substantial amount of text from the book, Tyler recently shared another preview photo of their preview copy earlier this month in which you can see the title page:

Catelynn and Tyler's book Conquering Chaos book advance copy title page

“Reading our book #ConqueringChaos is so AMAZING!” Tyler wrote. “I can’t believe what we have been through & still together.” If you are a forensic Photoshopologist you might could manage to read the Table of Contents through the front page. I tried, but my skills are more about putting celebrity heads and faces over top of other celbrity heads and face than being able to read text through a sheet of paper.

Conquering Chaos will be released on March 3. You can preorder your copy now on Amazon (it’s only $9.99 right now on Kindle!), or even hop over to Premiere Collectibles and reserve an autographed copy!

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