Farrah Abraham responds to Dr. Drew in true Farrah Abraham fashion

Farrah Abraham Dr. Drew feud

Earlier this week, Dr. Drew Pinsky appeared on the Allegedly podcast, during which he was asked which Teen Mom cast member he would most like to strangle. His answer was Farrah Abraham, whom he described as “frustrating.” As you would imagine, Farrah did not take the comments lightly, and she responded by calling Dr. Drew a “wacko” who probably still watches her sex tape daily.

“I know [sic] longer will credit Dr. Drew as a professional ethical Doctor,” Farrah begins her statement to Radar Online. “As well I will no longer have him around me for my health and safety due to his violent ‘strangle’ actioning [sic].”

Farrah Abraham wtf face

Farrah continues her tirade against Dr. drew, who has been a part of all the Teen Mom cast members’ lives for years as host of the check-in and reunion shows. “It’s disgusting when a Doctor who you think can empathize and understand you for many years says they want to strangle you & then call me beautiful & a women but then again acts like all I do is Porn.” Farrah adds: “Ok Dr.Drew it sounds like you want to strangle me & f**k me, gross!”

Farrah is referencing the fact that Dr. Drew did call her a beautiful woman on the podcast. One of the hosts stated flatly that “Farrah is awful,” and Dr. Drew came to her defense. “No she’s not awful. She is frustrating… She suffers. Believe me, when people behave like that it is because they are suffering and I feel bad for her a lot. But, she can be very frustrating.”

The host then stated “I like Farrah,” and Dr. Drew agreed. “I like her too. She’s a beautiful woman. And she’s a woman now, I dealt with them when they were teenagers.”

Dr. Drew then implied that Farrah doesn’t have any skills after the podcast host suggested Farrah is thirsty for attention. “Yeah, but that’s her job. She has embraced it and this is what she’s going to do and she doesn’t have other skills or training.” He later adds: “I feel bad for her.”

* I want to point out that Radar Online’s original article about the Dr. Drew podcast credited him as saying “Yeah [porn is] her job.” That is not what he actually said.

The Teen Momtrepreneur is quick to correct Dr. Drew on the skills issue. “Dr.Drew, reality check,” she wrote. “I have a restaurant now. I’ve had two degrees. Opening two more businesses this year. I’m successful in many things beyond a celebrity sex tape that you probably still watch daily. Like New York times best selling author, the top reality star and much more.”

Farrah also brings Dr. Drew’s wife into it by sarcastically exclaiming, “hope your marriage is doing ok!”

I’m guessing it was that comment that drew a response from Mrs. Dr. Drew, Susan Sailer Pinsky:

The host of the original podcast that started it all, Theo Vonn, seems up for the challenge:

Farrah ends her reaction with an inspirational message to other women:

To the women out there: Never let any doctor or know-it-all man speak horribly about you or your future. I only feel horrible for people like Dr. Drew who have to lie about hard working positive & prospering people like myself to make them feel better and get attention from media since he’s so desperate for it.

Click here for a transcript of what Dr. Drew said about Farrah, Adam Lind, and more. Plus, listen to the entire podcast for yourself!

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