Gary Shirley talks Matt Baier’s ‘whole life of trash’ in Teen Mom OG Reunion Part 2 preview


The gloves come off big time in preview videos for Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion!

In this first sneak peek, Dr. Drew asks Matt Baier about Gary Shirley, putting him on the spot over the “deadbeat dad – 7 kids bombshell,” his questionable history, and not being honest with Amber.

Dr. Drew: What did you think about what Gary said?

Matt: I think he’s full of s**t to be honest with you. His motivation for doing what he did was not what he said… He purposefully waited for the cameras.

Dr. Drew: Why weren’t you honest with her (Amber)?

Matt: It was more shame on myself because those are really painful memories for me so I kinda pushed them aside. I think it gets made to be more seedy than it really was.

Next up, things get intense as Matt and Gary confront each other.

Gary: When someone wants to come into my daughter’s life, whatever your motives are, the only motive I have is to be a father. Whether you have 10 kids… I don’t care about that. The point is, you told someone, as far as I knew, that you only had a couple.

Matt: That’s not what happened and for you to make the assumption that, ‘You know what, he had a couple of kids and he just took off’ is wrong… We’re actually talking about last season’s stuff.

Gary: And we’re dealing with your whole life of trash too though.

Check it out as Amber gets bleeped while defending her man:

Catelynn and Tyler are also part of the show. And there’s an awesome moment where Butch breaks down in tears talking about how proud he is of his son, which you can watch here.

All of the drama heads your way Monday night on MTV at 10/9c.

And you know we’d be amiss if we didn’t highlight that elite-level Gary Shirley eye-roll!


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