PHOTOS and info about Amber Portwood’s hand webbing & temple piercings

This season of Teen Mom we watch Amber Portwood go through some really tough times. By the second episode she’s breaking down in her first stint of court-ordered rehab, and dealing with some deep, deep pain. It’s tough to watch at times, especially since as we watch it, we know she’s headed for several hard years in prison. CLICK HERE to see how Gary and Leah are doing while Amber is away.

When not focusing on the painful, hard realities Amber is facing, we couldn’t help but notice Amber sporting a couple of interesting piercings in the first two episodes of the show. In the first episode we got a good shot of what’s known as a “hand web piercing” between her thumb and index finger on her right hand, above. They can take a LONG time to heal because the hand is used to much, and there is a high rejection rate.

We see Amber’s other piercing, a temple microdermal anchor, while she’s in therapy. These types of piercings, which are commonly done on the face, hips, or back, are actually half-piercing, half-implant, and are semi-permanent. They actually slide a little plate under the skin to “anchor” the piercing, which sticks out. You can see a really great illustration here.

UPDATE: It looks like Amber also has another microdermal piercing on her chest.

Amber Portwood Temple piercing

Here’s a video of a lady getting a microdermal temple done:

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