PHOTOS Jesse James “American Outlaw” book cover front and back revealed

Jesse James autobiography American Outlaw book cover

It was announced months ago that uber-douche Jesse James would be publishing his autobiography, and yesterday the human antidote for Happily Ever After released the images for the front and back cover of the dust jacket.

The front cover (above) features a sepia-toned faux vintage image of Jesse with his name and the title, American Outlaw, written in an Old Western font across the top and bottom. On the back of the book the sepia Old Western look continues with Jesse Wearing a Magritte-style derby and holding his very own .44 Magnum revolver. (I’m not sure if it is the same metaphorical gun Jesse used to shoot Sandra Bullock in the back and through the heart.)

Jesse James holding a .44 Magnum pistol on the back cover of his autobiography American Outlaw

From People:

“I’ve lived a pretty crazy life,” James, 41, tells PEOPLE of his hardscrabble journey that spans a volatile upbringing, addiction struggles, failed marriages, artistic success and fame and the salvation of fatherhood.

“My life has been defined by many things and not just the events of the last year,” says James, whose marriage to Sandra Bullock ended in divorce last spring. “I just wanted [the memoir] to be a good story, a page-turner and hopefully people will see it as that.”

American Outlaw is scheduled to be released on May 3, 2011. You can pre-order your copy now on!

As far as the cover images, Jesse tells the magazine that he wanted to avoid “some variation of a bad prom photo, serious Thinker pose like most book jackets show.”

Both covers seem a bit on the heavy-handed cheesy side if you ask me, and to be honest, neither look as tough as his cover photo on Douche Bagazine. Our starcasm researchers were able to get their hands on a couple of the rejected cover photos, and I think either one of them would have been a better choice:

Jesse James pig-nosed American Outlaw autobiography book cover

Jesse James alternate Nazi salute cover for his autobiography American Outlaw

Can you say, “American Krautlaw?” And for the ‘other white meat’ cover I like “American Snoutlaw.” (Hamerican would be too much don’t you think?)