Ellen Kardashian says Kourtney Kardashian demanded handwriting analysis of late father’s will

Kourtney Kardashian red carpet photo

The saga of the Kardashian kids versus Ellen Kardashian continues!

The third wife of the late Robert Kardashian, Ellen Kardashian (nee Pearson) alleges that her stepdaughter, Kourtney Kardashian, believed her father’s will was forged and demanded a handwriting analysis, Radar Online reports.

“According to the calls I received from the attorney, Kourtney felt like she wanted to have her father’s handwriting analyzed to make sure that he actually had written those things down that he left me,” Ellen said in a 2012 interview.

“And she did. Kourtney actually had his handwriting analyzed. But every time she called the attorney about something, he would call me to let me know. It was never ending. There were many things, many things about the will.”

Robert Kardashian and wife Ellen Pearson

In 2003, Kourtney contested her her father’s will, doubting her father’s intentions to leave a Mercedes Benz to Ellen (seen with Robert in the photo above). Ellen eventually sold the car to end the dispute. Kourtney then wanted her father’s desk because she had carved her initials in it as a child. Ellen said she felt badly and gave her the desk, but claims the conflict didn’t end there.

“When I would give her something, she would call me back the next day and want something more. Then I would get lists in the mail. I would get a call from the attorney saying she’s back here (at the house). She contested everything that was given to me personally,” Ellen alleged.

Ellen also claims to have spent $450,000 of her own money to send Robert Kardashian Jr. to the University of Southern California, as there was apparently no money allotted for his education. She says that she did it because she knew her late husband really wanted him to attend that school.

As we previously reported, Kourtney Kardashian and siblings Kim, Khloe, and Robert, as well as their mother, Kris Jenner, have accused Ellen of profiteering off family photo albums and their late father’s diaries. They filed a lawsuit against her last Thursday, alleging that Ellen is involved in a “despicable and unlawful scheme to hold in secret and convert and now exploit… private personal and copyright protected” material. Both the photos and excerpts from the diaries have been published in In Touch and Life & Style; the diaries contain allegations of Kris Jenner’s infidelity, neglect, and child abuse.

The Kardashian clan are suing Ellen for copyright infringement, and are requesting at least $500,000 in damages, despite the fact that Ellen filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

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