Dourtney destroys Dr. Drew’s dream with implant free breasts

Courtney Alexis Stodden

Take that Courtney Stodden haters and disbelievers! The now 17-year-old bride of actor and much, much older Doug Hutchison went on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers and proved that she does not have breast implants!

Stodden proudly proclaimed, “A knife has never touched this body.” But when the ultrasound first began, with Dr. John Diaz, Dr. Drew and Doug looking on, the following went down:

Dr. Diaz: There’s normal breast tissue, which is forming the substance of most of the middle of that picture, and then I can see the outline of her muscle. There was some circular thing there, I’m not sure though if that’s…

Nurse: Yeah, I feel a circular object.

Dr. Drew: It looks like it’s under the muscle too. So, there’s our implant.

Courtney: Somebody must have drugged me up, put me under their surgery knife. Because I’ve had no surgery done.

Here’s the clip courtesy of Pinsky’s show:

Man that was some seriously awkward faces going on with this clip. You had Courtney who permanently has weird face, the examining Dr. and Nurse who are like, “Oh crap I think she does.” Most of all though, the prime strange face goes to Dr. Drew who desperately wanted to bust Stodden’s bust on his show. I mean the guy flat out stated she did and then actually lost a war of intellect with Dourtney after the other Dr. proved him wrong.

Props to Amy Grindhouse for pointing out the fact that while the female half of Dourtney may not have implants she could still very well have breast augmentation through the process of transferring a woman’s own fat.

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