Michelle Duggar is pregnant with her 20th baby!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar announced that they’re expecting their 20th baby almost two years after their youngest baby Josie was born under traumatic medical circumstances.

45-year-old Michelle reports that she’s about 3 months along, feels good, and is “past the sickness stage now,” but still many are worried about her health during this pregnancy.

In a video published on People.com Michelle tells an off-screen interviewer that she IS concerned about her health, but she is willing to sacrifice her life for her child, “even a child that’s not here yet.” Concerns about Michelles health are valid, considering her age, how many children she’s already had, and the complications with her last pregnancy. In December 2009, while pregnant with baby Josie, Michelle suffered pre-eclampsia, and had to deliver Josie at only 25 weeks on Dec. 10, 2009.  Josie weighed 1lb., 6 oz, and went through a very scary time. Thankfully, though, she’s now thriving and in good health.

Despite the health concerns, Jim Bob and Michelle have had so many children because they don’t believe in using birth control, but instead trusting God to determine how many children they have in their marriage. The Duggars are thought to be a part of something called the Quiverfull movement, a relatively new protestant Christian belief system in the United States

Jim Bob said having 19 kids and “counting” to 20 made him feel blessed, and like the richest man in the world. Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest son Joshua seems to be following in his family’s footsteps. He and wife Anna (both 23) have already had two kids in their three years of marriage, and hinted that they’re trying for more. Forget China, pretty soon the Duggars are going outnumber us all.

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