MTV stars Erica “Rikki” Mongeon and Victoria “Vikki” Mongeon in car accident, Rikki is in a coma

Ikki twins Vikki and Rikki Mongeon from Double Shot at Love

Twin sibling stars of MTV’s Double Shot At Love Erica “Rikki” Mongeon and Victoria “Vikki” Mongeon were involved in a car accident in Bakersfield, California at approximately 12:20 AM when their Volkswagen Jetta collided with a semi-truck.

According to TMZ, Vikki and the driver of the Jetta did not sustain serious injuries in the crash, and Rikki seemed fine after the accident as well. But, after discovering a bump pn her head she decided it would be smart to drive to the hospital and have them check it out. Doctors performed a CAT scan and discovered Rikki had blood on her brain. They immediately put her in a medically induced coma and Rikki’s currently in ICU. The plans are to bring her out of the coma on Friday.

TMZ spoke with the “Ikki Twins'” manager and were told doctors are optimistic about Rikki’s chances of recovering.

Rikki and Vikki were the flirtatious, bodacious-bodied Ikki Twins on MTV’s dating competition reality show Double Shot At Love, a spin-off of Tila Tequila’s famous Shot At Love series. Here is the promotional copy for the show, including the first full episode immediately after:

12 hot straight guys and 12 sexy lesbians fight for love in an epic battle of the sexes-with a twist. Instead of trying to capture just one heart, they’ll be gunning for beautiful bisexual TWINS!

The Ikki Twins, Rikki and Vikki Mongeon - Jet Nightclub
The Ikki Twins Rikki & Vikki Mongeon in January, 2009. (Photo: MJT/AdMedia)

Sexy blonde twins Rikki and Vikki, known as the Ikki twins, are teaming up to look for love. The sultry sisters have each had a rocky romantic road so far and they’re each hoping this experience will finally help them find “the one.” In the past these small-town girls have had their hearts broken by both men and women, and now each twin is looking to find her own special someone. Working together, Rikki and Vikki will put all the sexy suitors to the test.

Taking reality dating shows to the next level, A DOUBLE SHOT AT LOVE with THE IKKI TWINS is an eight part series that pits men against women in a number of romantic challenges as they try to find love with one of the two gorgeous twins. Along the way the guys and girls will be pushed to the limit. Not only will they have to prove their love to the twins, they’ll also have to live with each other. And with both Rikki and Vikki to vie for, there will be twice the jealousy and twice the drama.twice the hookups and twice the fun.and twice the chances to find love!

Along the way, twists, turns and tension will keep the drama fresh and the action wild with each episode culminating in an elimination ceremony. Each man and woman will be fighting against one another to win over the hearts of the twins. And in the end, Rikki and Vikki each hope to find true love.

And here’s the show’s premiere episode which introduces Rikki and Vikki to the world:


One more photo of the vivacious pair, taken May 30, 2009 at Spike TV’s 2009 ‘Guys Choice Awards’ held at the Sony Studios in Los Angeles:

Spike TV's Guys Choice - Arrivals
(Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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