PHOTO John Travolta rejects Zipyourflyentology

The entire world almost “got shorty” when actor John Travolta left the Katsuya restaurant in Los Angeles with his zipper down last night. Travolta seemed completely unaware how close we all were to seeing his White Man’s Burden as he playfully acted out a scene from The Taking of Pelham X Y Z, even jokingly looking at his watch while he waited.

I thought I would be able to go on and on making phallic John Travolta movie references, but that short paragraph was about all I could muster. (The Scientology angle allowed for the use of L. Ron Chubbard, but it would have been hard squeezing that in) (That’s what she said!)

If there’s an obvious Travolta/trouser trout reference I’ve missed, please feel free to make the world a better place by leaving a comment below!

Photo: Fame Pictures
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