Farrah Abraham Crier: Maci feud, back to Iowa, new reality show with Debra, etc.

Farrah Abraham Crier Issue 2

We’re about as diligent as anyone on the web when it comes to covering the antics of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, but even we are unable to cover 90% of the newsworthy products, quotes, photos, feuds, appearances and everything else from this headline-generating tour de force! We debuted the very first issue of The Farrah Abraham Crier a few weeks ago, and we’ve since revamped it to be a weekly catch-all for everything Farrah Abraham — your one-stop shop to catch up quickly on anything and everything you might have missed from Farrah over the previous seven days.

We will break The Crier down into sections and just fill in the appropriate information, photos, links, etc. for each. I really don’t think I need to explain any further, so let’s get on to the Farrupdates!

* It’s important to note that this is a special “triple issue” because it has been three weeks since the previous one. Future issues will be a lot smaller, unless Farrah gets three times as busy!

Farrah Abraham Crier headlines

April 21 – Gary Shirley feuds with Farrah Abraham over penis and paternity, plus Kristina’s baby shower photos

April 27 – EXCLUSIVE Meet Farrah Abraham’s gal pal Paola Quezada from Teen Mom OG

April 28 – REPORT Farrah Abraham to be on Celebrity Big Brother UK

May 5 – Return of Farrah Abraham gives Teen Mom OG ratings a big boost

May 8 – VIDEO Farrah Abraham calls Maci Bookout a ‘f**ked-up piece of s**t’

May 11 – Farrah Abraham continues on-screen feud with Maci Bookout on Twitter

May 12 – Farrah Abraham’s sister Ashley Danielsen pregnant with second child

Farrah Abraham Crier Quotes and Tweets

Farrah from an interview with The Hollywood Gossip:

As for any misconceptions about her that people might have read or heard, and she’d like to clear up, once and for all? Let’s her her answer that in closing … “Can we all yell it, ‘P0RN P0RN P0RN’ … I’m not in the p0rn industry but I do have novelty items being produced that I’ve won an award for given my celebrity sex tape [sales].”

(Read the rest of Farrah’s tweets about MAci and her Teen Mom OG cast mates after this past week’s episode here.)

Farrah is once again her own Woman Crush Wednesday:

Here is Farrah’s #AskTeenMom hash tag Twitter interview from April 22:

You recently attended the MTV Movie Awards! What was your favorite moment of the evening?

My Favorite part of the MTV movie awards was being on the redcarpet with @AmberLPortwood & @CatelynnLowell

how is it being back on the show? And did Sophia miss the cameras? 🙂

Being back has worked out Sophia enjoys seeing the crew #MommasProud

What is the one thing you wished everyone knew about you, to understand you better?

Are you ready for this see below … I’m easy to understand (Farrah included a text graphic that reads, “Haters don’t hate you… The reality is, they fear that they will never be able to get where you are right now. – Leah Remillet”)

What’s your dream TV or movie role?

Working on dream role right now having my own Teen movie and playing a lead role>Wouldn’t mind being in #MeanMoms

Last question! You’re always doing something new and exciting, what’s next?

Next Monday @9/10pm thank you Sophia & I love you all (Farrah attached a text graphic that reads “FARRAH RETURNS #TeenMomOG”)

Farrah Abraham Crier Teen Mom OG recap

On this week’s episode the Teen Mom OG cast met up in New York City to do promotional interviews and shoots as well as to tape the after show interviews, and things got REALLY tense after Farrah watched the clip in which Maci quit the show because Farrah was returning. “I’m not going to have my six-year-old son on a show with someone who did p0rn on TV!” Maci explains to Teen Mom OG Executive Producer Morgan J. Freeman in the video.

The tension between Farrah and Maci eventually spreads as Farrah then alienates Amber and Catelynn with a tweet she sent seemingly putting them down for not including their children on the covers of their books like Farrah did.

Need a full Teen Mom OG episode recap from this past week? We recommend The Ashley’s Reality Roundup and Teen Mom Junkies, although we should probably warn you they are not afraid to voice their opinions — especially when it comes to Farrah! (The Ashley can be a little late with her recaps, so keep checking in.)

Farrah Abraham Crier Photo of the Week

Teen Mom OG after show Farrah Abraham Butch Baltierra paddle
^ Farrah Abraham holds a paddle with the face of Tyler’s dad Butch Baltierra while playing a guessing game with Amber Portwood during the Teen Mom OG after show.

Farrah Abraham Crier appearances

Past appearances:


Upcoming appearances:

MAY 15-16

MAY 29

Farrah Abraham Crier products and projects

As you may have ascertained from the “appearance” tweet just above, Farrah is getting into the “residual income” business as a representative for ACN (American Communications Network, Inc.), which “is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides telecommunications, television, energy and other services, depending on the country, through a network of independent sales agents known as “Independent Business Owners” (IBOs), who themselves recruit new IBOs who must pay sign up fees which go as bonuses to the IBO recruiting plus other IBOs higher in the level/pyramid.” (Source: Wikipedia)

The first official movie poster for Farrah Abraham’s first feature film Axeman II: Overkill (“A weekend to dismember”) has arrived! Here it is — you can see Farrah Abraham’s name in the credits at the bottom, just click to enlarge:

Axeman II Overkill movie poster starring Farrah Abraham and Rachel Reilly

You can find out LOTS more about Farrah’s role as the bible-thumping, Tammy Faye Bakker inspired Fannie Rae Baker here.

As fans of Teen Mom OG are aware, Farrah mentioned on the show that she and her mother Debra Danielsen were cast in a new reality show about mothers and daughters needing therapy. There has been no official announcement about the project, but we did a little research and found a casting call from August/September for a new reality show filmed in the Los Angeles area that seems to fit the bill. Here is what they were looking for:

Casting mother-daughter rehab reality show focusing on mother daughter duos who have had a major falling out and are interested in reconciling with help from a therapist in a group setting. The bigger the disagreement the better; daughter should be in her 20’s; attractive.

The show doesn’t have a working title, but the production company is listed as Irwin Entertainment. Irwin also produces Couples Therapy, so it would make perfect sense that they would reach out to Farrah and Debra having worked with both on them in a therapy setting previously.

UPDATE – We now have some more information about the show, included in the new issue of The Farrah Abraham Crier!

Farrah Abraham Crier Sophia and family

Sophia is taking her first steps to becoming a big celebrity in her own right! Check out this great photo tweeted by Farrah in which you can see Sophia “doing her first theatrical read:”

Mom and Sophia seemed to have a fun time celebrating Mother’s Day as Farrah shared photos of the two of them together smiling and making faces — Farrah proudly wearing a “Best Mom Ever” button. (It’s unclear who bought the button, but given that Farrah hashtagged the photo of herself with #BestMomEver, I think it may be safe to say Farrah did. It would be right in line with her getting a “mom” tattoo in honor of herself. You gotta love yourself first, right?)

Farrah didn’t tweet any messages for her mother Debra, but she did retweet @dominique0429 who wrote “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY @ddanielsen and @F1abraham . #farrahqueen”

Speaking of Farrah, Sophia, and Debra — all three of the ladies took a trip back to Council Bluffs, Iowa to visit the home Farrah grew up in and made famous on 16 and Pregnant and the first few seasons of Teen Mom:

May 8 was Sophia’s dad Derek Underwood’s birthday, and Farrah shared photos of his grave and Derek’s dad with Sophia in remembrance:

Derek Underwood died in a car accident on December 28, 2008 when he was only 18.

Farrah Abraham Crier throwback

As further tribute to Derek, click here to read Farrah’s lengthy tribute to Derek on the sixth anniversary of his passing in 2014.

For a more light-hearted Farrah throwback, how about our exclusive collection of Farrah Abraham cry face drawings (and painting) by Pretty On the Outside‘s David Gilmore — including the image used on The Farrah Abraham Crier? Click the photo for more:

Farrah Abraham cry face by Pretty On the Outside artist David Gilmore

Drop by next Wednesday to pick up your free copy of the next issue of The Farrah Abraham Crier, exclusively here at Starcasm!

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