Are Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett headed toward divorce?


Kendra Wilkinson has a new reality show called Kendra on Top debuting on WE TV following her home life with husband Hank Baskett and their son Hank Jr., and it looks like the series will be pretty dramatic as the couple works through relationship problems. At one point couple discuss having an open marriage, or as Hank puts it “being single and living together.”

Of course, this is a pretty predictable story arc. Married couple discuss an “open” relationship, one of them pursues it, the other gets jealous, and they decide against it. The only problem is that the footage from this trailer feels very real, and it appears that the couple has had some serious marriage struggles. It seems a little darker than a producer-conceived rom-com storyline. At one point Kendra says “I shouldn’t even be married,” and later she breaks down in tears telling a friend she feels that she’s been lied to. Hank also vents some frustrations: “She blows up on me and I’m just tired of people thinking like I wanted this not to work.”

The dramatic trailer also focuses on Kendra’s drinking, which may have turned into a bit of a problem. At one point Kendra gets into a car accident, and the CT scan reveals she may have had a stroke at some point. “I could die,” Kendra tells Hank. “What would happen? Would you remarry?”

Kendra and Hank previously had a reality show on E! that followed their newlywed life and Kendra adjusting to life outside the Playboy mansion, where she’d spend most of her time as a young adult. Since then she’s opened up about postpartum depression and hitting Hank, and about her troubled teenage years. Earlier this year Kendra switched places with Kate Gosselin for an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.

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