90 DAY FIANCE Eric and Leida wedding details EXCLUSIVE SPOILERS

90 Day Fiance Eric and Leida spoilers

90 Day Fiance Season 6 is set to premiere on October 21, and we continue to crank out the spoilers!

The latest couple we have the scoop on is 40-year-old Eric from Baraboo, Wisconsin and his 29-year-old Indonesian fiancée Leida. You might recall Eric from the trailer as the dude with the dirty apartment and Leida as the rather appalled woman who suggests that Eric look into getting a maid.

So, was Leida able to overcome her issues with Eric’s tidiness like her 90 Day Fiance predecessor Noon did with Kyle? Or was the real life Eric too much for Leida to take, resulting in a disappointing trip back to Indonesia?

* * * * * SPOILER ALERT * * * * *

As it turns out, Leida seeing Eric’s rough-looking apartment may not have mattered anyways because the couple was already married! Judging from the couple’s social media profiles, Eric and Leida got married in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 30 of last year. Here is a great wedding photo of the couple:

90 Day Fiance Eric and Leida wedding photo

UPDATE – Since Eric has since deleted the wedding photo above, I thought I should provide a little provenance with details from his post, which was on December 3, as well as his comments on the photo revealing the wedding date. I also included Leida’s Facebook relationship status listing November 30 as the date they got married:

UPDATE – Eric has since responded to our story and says that the “wedding” in Jakarta was just a commitment ceremony. Click the link for more details!

I should point out that it is possible that the scenes with Leida at Eric’s apartment were filmed before their November, 2017 wedding — but I find that extremely unlikely. Leida is VERY active on social media, and she has posted consistently on her various accounts for years — dating back to her previous marriage in Japan. (More on that in a minute.)

The 90 Day Fiance franchise usually films less than a year in advance of airing, with the usual window being 2-10 months or so. Leida posted a photo of an invitation to her and Eric’s American “wedding celebration” in January of this year and wrote: “States side wedding…Another ceremony, another reception, another after party, another ’round’ as well….?” She would later arrive in New York City in early June — which sounds more in line with a potential filming timeline for the upcoming season.

Leida does mention “returning” to the United States when talking in advance about her trip in June, so it clearly isn’t her first time here. But there is no indication whatsoever that her previous trip(s) was recent.

Unfortunately, Wisconsin marriage records are a little difficult to research, so I was unable to find any confirmation of their Jakarta wedding or a wedding stateside.

Moving on from Leida’s marriage to Eric, it is interesting that the current season will feature at least two cast members from another country who have been married before — including Leida. (She joins Larissa from Brazil, who is the fiancee of mama’s boy Colt from Las Vegas.) Leida married a man in Japan on September 8, 2012. They welcomed a son named Alles in June of 2013.

The last photo posted by Leida with her ex was in November of 2015. It appears as though she remained in Japan, during which time she first met Eric, before moving back to Jakarta in late June/early August of 2017 — just a few months before marrying Eric. (Eric and Leida have been dating since at least October of 2016.)

As far as Eric and Leida’s relationship dynamic, it does appear to be a little bit different than what we see in the trailer, which basically indicates that Eric is a big kid who is a bit immature and possibly even irresponsible. Meanwhile, Leida comes across as a woman with her sh*t together who is essentially taking on an additional son with Eric. That is most certainly not the impression I get from looking through their online profiles and social media accounts!

Eric is a former marine who is currently an avionics service manager in the private sector and cavalry scout with the Wisconsin National Guard. Meanwhile, Leida is a huge fan of cosplay and video games who lives for a great and stylish selfie. She is also a medical doctor (?!) and vlogger. From her own bio:

She’s a mom. A doctor, a vlogger, a cosplayer, a model, an actress, a gamer, an artist, an aviation nerd, and a military geek. She loves fashion and beauty treatment, especially skin and body treatment. She has a vision and a purpose of her life, to be an inspiration, do good and always be a good person.

Here is a message from Leida to Eric posted in January which seems to further indicate that a lot of their relationship issues (whatever they may be) are more attributable to her than him:

I miss you, my love…. .

I’m sorry if I always pick a fight with you, I just don’t wanna be away from you for long. We’ve been dealing with this long distance relationship for years, I just want to be with you, Be next to you… I can’t wait to start my life with you next to me and be with our little family… I’m not a perfect mom nor a perfect wife either but I’m trying and always try to be the best wife and partner and mom that I can be for my little family. I’ve made mistakes in the past, I won’t fail again this time. All I wanna do is only make my family happy, of course I wanna make you happy as well dear, my Eric.

90 Day Fiance Eric and Leida wedding photo in Jakarta

I remember so many obstacles that we’ve been through in the past, so many drama that I had with those douchebags (you know who, lmao) but we never give up, we always fight for us. And, I know that since the beginning that I will be by your side, you’re gonna be the leader of the family, and you’re gonna lead me too. We’re such a great team, baby. Remember when we won the Half Pipe, at Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan. We won as first timer, and we did it with high score. Beat those Japs haha! And, remember when I was scared to death with the Resident Evil 7 maze game. Haha! I had a goosebumps at that time!

Oh, honey, I can’t imagine my life without you. I wish I could hold you now, my love. I love you forever, Eric. My husband, my Mr. ********, my everything, my Alpha, The Alpha, my one and only, you can add the rest. Haha 🙂

Oh, and just in case you were curious, Eric and Leida do appear to still be together and happy — and her son Alles is with them. To be honest, this couple seems fun and joyful, and I hope that translates well on the show. But, I don’t have my hopes up.

You can see the engagement journey of Eric and Leida, as well as the five other brand new couples, when 90 Day Fiance Season 6 premieres on Sunday, October 21 at 8/7c on TLC!

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