Elijah and Christine going on Maury Povich to prove they’re really engaged

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Comedy duo and YOLO lifestyle vloggers Christine Sydelko and Elijah Daniel have been engaged for several months now. They promised to get married if they reached 1 million subscribers on their main YouTubechannel by June, a goal they did not meet, but they still plan to legally wed when that milestone happens. While is seems like this is an attention stunt, it also appears like they truly mean to get married despite the fact that Elijah is gay and Christine is asexual. Even though they don’t have a sexual connection, they are life partners in many other ways and plan to go on Maury Povich to prove their undying love for each other.

The pair announced their engagement last December in a video. Their plans are to tie the knot in a Taco Bell which is a favorite eating establishment for them, but also appears to be one of their major brand partnerships.

On July 5th Elijah got into a Twitter fight with the Maury Povich Show which resulted in an invitation to come on their show and prove that they are a heterosexual couple.

Of course, Elijah has many times said he’s gay, so saying he’s not gay is a blatant contradiction. Either way, this will be best Maury show since sometime in the 90s.

Elijah and Christine recently uploaded two videos together after a month long hiatus from YouTube because Christine took an impromptu tour of the midwest. If you followed her Snapchat, she appeared to just be watching television in various states while Elijah continuously partied with Tana Mongeau in L.A. and Vegas, even getting kicked out of Vidcon. According to one of Elijah’s tweets, all three of them may soon be living in a house together in some kind of Youtube branding threesome.

In the opening to the vlog uploaded to their main channel, Elijah shows off a pretty gnarly brown recluse spider bite. This sparked a trolling Elijah death rumor, but thankfully he’s ok even though doctors discovered he’d been bitten multiple times which suggested he’d had a spider trapped in his pants at some point.

They also uploaded a pizza Mukbang to their side channel talking about their adventures apart this past month. They said it was inspired by the YouTube Mukbang queen Trisha Paytas, but their filming angle was taking a line straight from Amberlynn Reid.

The power couple currently have over 700,000 subs, so if they keep vlogging and taking lie detectors on talk show, it won’t be long before they reach 1 million.

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