Did Josh Duggar go back to sex rehab on the DL?

Did Josh Duggar go back to sex rehab 1

This past Sunday, heavily pregnant Anna Duggar flew to Rockford IL with her disgraced husband Josh and several other members of the extended Duggar family. The occasion, per the Duggar party line, was to have a pirate-themed music party at North Love Baptist Church in town. Anna shared the photo at the top of the article a few hours after footage of the Duggars stepping off the family plane on Winnebago County soil hit the internet. And current speculation is that she shared it to distract from the obvious question, which is: Did Josh Duggar go back to sex rehab in secret just weeks (or days) before he and Anna’s fifth child is born?

In case you missed it–or have willed yourself to forget–Rockford was Josh’s adopted home for seven months in 2015 and 2016 while he worked out his sex addiction issues at a faith-based rehab facility with ties to the Duggar family. Because he’s kept largely out of the public eye since returning home to deal with the other two scandals still dominating his and his family’s lives, gossip about his *true* intentions in Rockford is naturally rampant.

For starters, In Touch is reporting that Josh was actually “spotted at the same facility” where he’d already been treated once. And OK notes that Josh and Anna “seemed distant” upon landing in Rockford: “Josh made no attempt to help Anna out of the aircraft, and the two made no contact before Anna walked away.” And Hollywood Gossip pointed out that part of Josh’s treatment program involved “regular rehab recovery meetings” at North Love Baptist.”

So, while there’s no evidence to support the suggestion that Josh has returned for a second round of rehab, there’s also no shortage of eyebrows being raised over the notion that the Duggars traveled from Arkansas to northern Illinois just to go to pirate church.

In addition, it’s worth noting that based on the gender identity in Anna and Josh’s pregnancy announcement back in March, she is at least 38 weeks pregnant right now–making flight a dicey proposition at best. But, since the only news we’re likely to hear from the couple for the foreseeable future is their birth announcement, and since Duggar-shared photos of Josh are few and far between these days, it’s entirely possible that Josh could go back to sex rehab for several months…and the world would never know. (Until someone bribes a janitor at the rehab facility.)

(Photo credits: Did Josh Duggar go back to sex rehab via Twitter)

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